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2:00 is the fourteenth episode of Servant. It debuted on 5 February, 2021, on Apple TV+, as the fourth episode of season 2.


Dorothy takes food up to an attic room in the Turner house for Leanne who has just regained consciousness after she was sedated by Dorothy from the pizza delivered by Tobe. Leanne says she has to leave and when Dorothy asks her where Jericho is Leanne replies that she does not know. With this, Dorothy exits the room telling Leanne that she can stay there until she remembers.

In the kitchen, Sean questions Dorothy on this technique of keeping Leanne captured and treating her as they are, even making her go to the toilet in a bucket. Dorothy instructs Sean never to go upstairs to Leanne as she says he can be easily manipulated. She leaves for work at 8 News to cover indoor skydiving.

Workers arrive to fix the floor in the basement, while Sean hunts for the keys to the door that leads upstairs where Leanne stays. While in the room, Leanne explores her surroundings, unboxing an old radio which she duly plugs in. Later, Sean and Julian discuss what they are doing to Leanne and Julian strongly believes they should be talking to Leanne as she has already admitted to not liking Dorothy.

Dorothy returns from work and takes more food up to Leanne. Leanne notes that Mrs Moreno is very sick and the family need her - she made a commitment. Dorothy argues Leanne also made a commitment to them and that Leanne signed a contract. After Leanne refuses to give Jericho to Dorothy and answer where he is, Dorothy leaves the room ready to try again the next day.

At dinner that evening, Sean wonders if they should be treating Leanne differently, even bringing her downstairs in the evenings. Dorothy asks Sean to trust her that she can handle it. Meanwhile, Leanne is upstairs and has decorated the room in decorations she found.

At 2am, Dorothy wakes up in a panic and enters Leanne’s room. Leanne wakes up to see Dorothy clasping her hands and then asks Leanne why she won’t bring Jericho back. She then bends Leanne’s wrist before leaving the room, leaving Leanne in pain. The next morning, after again refusing Sean access to the room, she goes upstairs to Leanne to give her breakfast. She asks Leanne where Jericho is for which the response is she wants to speak to Sean. Dorothy makes it clear that Leanne will not break up their family.

Later, Sean is able to find the correct key for the door that leads to Leanne’s room. He goes up there and greets Leanne, noting that Leanne found Angela, a manakin the Turners used to keep in their old apartment. He notes that he did not know Dorothy was going to treat her this way and when Leanne asks again why Sean has not told her what she did, he responds that she does not know what it would do to Dorothy if she remembered. He grants Leanne use of the bathroom in the hope Leanne may help. In her room, she finds the bible on her bed, the one Sean found his name written in.

Dorothy is reporting at Lincoln Fried Chicken, a restaurant which now restricts customers to two chicken burgers at a time which causes brawls. Early the next morning, at 2am, Dorothy enters Leanne’s room and dragged her out of her bed by her hair and proceeds to strangle her to see if she would reveal where Jericho is. She leaves the room, with Leanne gasping on the floor.

The next morning, over breakfast, she tells Sean and she is troubled at why she feels anxious at 2AM and feels it is her body telling her something, likely about Jericho. She takes breakfast up to Leanne who says she used to pray for Dorothy but not anymore. Dorothy leaves the room, telling Leanne she can make this stop any time she likes. While at work, Sean takes more food up to Leanne for which Leanne asks who Sean is looking for. Leanne says Jericho died.

Later, while Julian cooks dinner, he and Sean discuss Leanne and Dorothy. Sean says the situation needs to stop while Julian defends the family saying they are not the bad guys. Leanne is up in her room, praying with the Bible in her hands set to the page with Sean’s name on it.

While discussing the situation over dinner with his wife and brother-in-law, Sean realises he can taste again. It is over this dinner that Julian reveals that George confronted Sean in the basement, forcing him to pray. At 2am again, Dorothy assaults Leanne. Over breakfast, Sean notes to Dorothy that he wants to make sure they are not crossing any lines. While she is at work, he takes more food to Leanne and wants to make sure she is aware that they just want Leanne to bring Jericho to them, they don’t need to know where he is. Dorothy comes up, prompting Sean to leave the room.

At 2am, Dorothy tries to assault Leanne again but finds Angela in the bed. Leanne hits Dorothy over the head and runs downstairs to try to escape. Dorothy finds her by the front door and hits her over the head too after Leanne says Jericho is in a better place, they keep him safe from Dorothy. Sean awakens with his hand in a lot of pain and redresses it. He frantically searches for Dorothy and Leanne, and after finding Dorothy covered in dirt and blood, finds Leanne buried in the rubble in the basement.

He digs Leanne out and cradles her, telling Dorothy this has gone too far. Leanne showers and Sean escorts her to her room, where she knows Sean can feel again. Dorothy lays in bed at 2:15am, 15 minutes after the time she discovered Jericho had died on the hot evening while Sean was out of town.