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You may be looking for the titular food featured in this episode.

Cake is the fifthteenth episode of Servant. It debuted on 12 February, 2021, on Apple TV+, as the fifth episode of season 2.


Leanne is in front of Angela, in the attic room in the Turner house. She is repeating a phrase to Angela, stating that she is Leanne Grayson and her specialist skill is baking cakes. She goes downstairs after hearing loud music, and spots the door to her room is ajar. She goes through it, to later walk into the kitchen to find Dorothy cooking. Leanne spots locks on the doors and sits for breakfast. She calls for Sean to help who is in the basement looking at the area Leanne was buried in.

Invited to breakfast is Tobe who Leanne is surprised to see, likewise is Sean. He takes Dorothy to one side and notes that she scammed him, but Dorothy thinks she should be praised for trying a different tactic to draw Leanne out. Back in the kitchen, while Sean cleans up, Tobe tries to make light conversation and Dorothy tries to deflect the fact that Leanne appears to be kept captive. Tobe notes the absence of Jericho which prompts Sean to pause and Dorothy to point out that he is with his grandpa.

Leanne is led up to her room by Dorothy, noting the ransom note saying “Tell no one, baby lives” which she says she is keeping to. Leanne refuses treatment for her scratches. While Leanne makes a shopping list, Dorothy receives a package with a small baby in it along with a ransom demand asking the Turners to meet at the Franklinville Mall food court at 8pm tomorrow with $200,000. Sean greets Julian at the door blaming him for the ransom, but Julian notes he did not send the ransom note.

The family decide to pay the ransom, with Julian and Sean using the stash of money they were keeping in the basement, and Dorothy looking at her jewelry. Julian shows Dorothy the stash and she is very appreciative. Sean makes $600 for a case of Rovella which he believes is not enough for that, but they say every little helps. Dorothy has to convince Sean to part with his coffee machine to Jason Taylor which Sean is very against. In Jericho’s room, Dorothy packs some baby clothes and supplies. Sean lets Leanne downstairs, 1hr 45mins after she was supposed to be. She pushes past him and puts together the ingredients needed for her cake. She asks Sean for some extra ingredients, but he says he is too pressed at that moment. Leanne suggests asking Tobe.

In the attic room, Leanne is struggling to put a dress on Angela. Downstairs, Sean is getting ready to leave and Julian advises him to take nothing to chance. Dorothy discovers Leanne took her dress for Angela, and in kitchen, Tobe arrives with the ingredients. Leanne asks Tobe for help making the cake and Julian stays home to watch the pair. He dials Roscoe to keep an eye on the Turners and the exchange.

Tobe and Leanne begin to prepare the cake. Tobe asks more about it, with Leanne revealing that she is a making a king cake, which is made for the epiphany. Her mother used to make it on Sundays and she taught Leanne how to make one for her pageants. Her mum said it could be her special skill as she did not have any others, but she didn’t actually win any pageants. Sundays were the only day her mother got out of bed, and her mum would have the bottle of brandy for practice for the glaze - if there was any brandy left. If Leanne did well in one of her pageants, she got to put a tiny plastic baby inside the cake. She only got to do this four times. She gives Tobe the baby to do it this time. On time to eat it, Leanne’s mother would dress up and they would cut the cake, and the person to get the baby would always be the special one which was always Leanne’s mother. Leanne was then forced to say to her mother “you’re the special one”. When Tobe asks her where her mother was, she replies that she is burning.

At the mall, Dorothy and Sean are concerned that whoever is coming is late, and Julian says they should wait until closing time if needed. After hanging up, Julian checks on Leanne who says Tobe already left and he sends Leanne up to bed, promising to take her cake out of the oven. After Julian leaves the room, Tobe reveals himself and they sit together on the bed after Leanne turns Angela the other way. Downstairs, Julian is talking to Sean about who bought the plastic baby in the first place. The pair deduce someone had access to Sean’s laptop and after checking it, Julian runs upstairs. After sending Tobe out the room, he confronts Leanne, asking why she would do this to Dorothy after she had prepared so much to collect Jericho. Leanne wants to make sure Dorothy gets what she deserves.

On the live feed on the TV from Dorothy, she says that they are being ushered out of the mall for closing time and calls Julian, but George takes the camera off Dorothy, repeating Julian’s name. Julian takes the cake out of the oven and starts to glaze it. Later, after not being able to get through to Sean’s cellphone, he notices someone at the door and it is Sean, Dorothy, and George who asks where Leanne is.

Leanne is upstairs, staring at Angela, and proceeds to eat the cake quicker and quicker, bulbs breaking in the room, until she reaches the baby, holding it up to the mannequin.