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"Doll" is the eleventh episode of Servant. It debuted on 15 January, 2021, on Apple TV+, as the premiere of Season 2.


A frantic Dorothy searches for Jericho in all the rooms of the Turner house and out in the street after noticing he and Leanne are missing. She asks Sean where Jericho is while Sean is still testing his lack of sense of touch after holding his hand above an open flame. Dorothy phones the police.

When the police arrive, Dorothy shows the footage of The Church of the Lesser Saints cult leader May Markham who attended Jericho's baptism along with uncle George. An officer arrives to speak to Sean and the two have met before after the officer attended the property on the day Jericho was found dead. Meanwhile, the other officers don't believe Dorothy when she says May Markham attended the christening, despite being thought to be dead.

Julian and Natalie arrive to help the situation and to try and cover their tracks. They try to divert attention away from the Turners through convincing the police that Dorothy has rejected the doll, which is her first step towards healing. Natalie talks to the officer about this, while Dorothy searches for Leanne's resume.

In Jericho's room, Julian talks to the officer and again tries to convince her that her services are not needed. Reluctantly she leaves, parting that she hopes the Turner family know what they are doing. Sean believes Dorothy about May Markham attending and wants to track her down, much to the dismay of Julian and Natalie who believe they should move on. Later, Sean watches an old clip of one of Dorothy's news reports, showing May being pranked by teenagers, staring at the camera.

Dorothy searches Leanne's room for any clues, and discovers a hidden camera which she believes May and George planted there, which was the one Sean used to spy on Leanne. While Sean knows this is not to be true, he carries through that story with Dorothy. After bursting some blisters on his hands, Sean sees Dorothy preparing fliers to see if anyone in their street recognizes May. She gives Sean the flyers calling him the "boots on the ground". He leaves the house and places the flyers in a trash bin before walking off down the street.

He returns with the extra ink that Dorothy requested and the pair watch another news report from the siege involving The Church of the Lesser Saints. One follower says that one member revived his daughter which Dorothy does not believe, but Sean begins to. Later he inspects Leanne's room and finds a Bible with his name written on a page headed with "The Test of Leprosy".

Dorothy continues looking for leads and refuses her favorite dish. Later, Sean questions Julian, while he eats a chicken sandwich, about The Church of the Lesser Saints and Julian responds that they disbanded after the siege and the trail has gone cold. Sean notes that they need to resolve the situation soon before the whole neighborhood becomes aware of what has happened if Dorothy continues searching.

Julian helps Dorothy with the search later, and she switches her focus from May to Leanne. She asks Julian to distribute more flyers, which he later put in the trash can along with the reborn doll. He puts one of Jericho's baby shoes in his pocket.

In the evening, Sean and Dorothy argue about the situation with Jericho for which Dorothy says she thought Sean would be a better father. He responds by saying she's in shock and does not believe what she's saying. He asks his wife what she would do if she knew for certain their son was dead. Dorothy scoffs, declaring that she do what any good mother would- Follow him to wherever he is!

Dorothy's alarm sounds signalling 48 hours have passed and she says that nothing good ever happens after 48 hours. The doorbell rings, and Dorothy receives a letter with a baby shoe and a note inside which reads: "Tell no one, baby lives." Julian is seen driving away from the Turner house, meaning that he sent it to appease his sister's hopes.

The next day, after taking out the trash, Sean notices the Reborn doll in the dustbin truck and he removes it, cleaning it up in the bath as if bathing a real baby.



Guest Starring


  • Chris McMullin
  • Ryan J. Irving
  • Kenneth Vanish
  • Patrick F. McDade
  • Jennifer Butler


  • This is the only episode to show a recap of what happened previously.