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"Donut" is the twenty-eighth episode of Servant. It debuted on 11 March, 2022, on Apple TV+, as the eighth episode of season 3.


At a small fire in the park, homeless people gather with balloons. Leanne enters the park and all the homeless people stop to watch Leanne enter. Leanne asks for a balloon and they gather around her, where she then releases it into the sky. Back in the Turner house, Leanne makes Dorothy a drink but Dorothy tips the drink away. Sean offers for Dorothy to go on the set of Gourmet Gauntlet with him but Dorothy says that would be too hectic for Jericho. Moving into the hallway, Dorothy bumps into Leanne who has been into Dorothy’s room and is doing her laundry. Dorothy says to Leanne that she told her not to go into her room and that she will do her own laundry. She is interrupted by a call from the station who offers Dorothy a story to follow, but she declines citing that she still does not have childcare for Jericho. Leanne says to Dorothy that she does not have to do that and it is her job to care for Jericho, but Dorothy replies saying that Leanne will never touch Jericho again.

In the park, Leanne is liaising with the homeless people who say they will check things out in the local area. While Leanne is sitting there, Isabelle runs by and speaks with Leanne. Isabelle wonders why Leanne looks upset, and asks if it is about Dorothy. Isabelle goes on to explain that she started out as Dorothy’s intern and that Dorothy used to be very open and kind. That soon changed later on. Isabelle is interrupted by a text message and has to go, and arranges to meet with Leanne on Wednesday for coffee. In the Turner house, Julian and Sean are hanging a picture of something Dorothy likes, in an effort for Sean to try to win Dorothy back. Julian sees Leanne downstairs and goes down to meet her in the kitchen. Leanne asks Julian to pour her some milk which he does, but she asks him to fill it up and puts her hand on his as the milk overflows over the cup and onto the floor. Dorothy walks in and sees this, and then walks out without saying anything. Julian says he is going to go, and Leanne responds that he should if that’s what he really wants to do. Julian proceeds to finish the glass of milk. Upstairs, Sean is showing Dorothy the picture and they discuss the situation with Leanne and how Sean has been fixing everything in the house. They discuss how Sean kept Leanne in the house and how Dorothy wants Leanne to leave. Sean argues that Leanne kept their family together, which Dorothy does not believe and asks Sean if Leanne has anything over him. At the end of the debate, Dorothy still wants Sean sleeping on the couch.

Going upstairs, Sean finds Leanne listening to music and sitting by the window. He offers her the chance to come on the set of Gourmet Gauntlet if she wants to get out of the house. While there, Sean confides in Leanne that before he met Dorothy, he never felt lonely but when he met her he never wanted to be without her. Now, however, he feels lonely and just wants to have a nice dinner with his family and to hold Dorothy and his son. Downstairs, Dorothy refuses another job from the station, asking that it goes to Jeremy instead of her. Sean is preparing a special meal for the family to act as a celebration for Gourmet Gauntlet, intended to be with household members. Dorothy, however, takes this as a need to invite her father, Frank Pearce and Kourtney. In her room, Leanne hears sirens and goes outside to investigate, wearing ambulances parked further down with EMTs huddling around a homeless person. Leanne sees Isabelle speaking to one of the EMTs and then makes her way over to Leanne, who says the homeless person passed out and that was why she called an ambulance.

Isabelle goes into the Turner house with donuts and they drink coffee together. Isabelle is looking at Dorothy’s recording tapes and notes a story Dorothy has kept. This story is one Isabelle would have made, but Dorothy said she did not have the “clout” to sell it and Dorothy did the story instead, taking the credit. Isabelle says to Leanne that the team are worried about Dorothy, asking Leanne if Dorothy is alright. The response is that Dorothy is "just busy", and spills coffee over herself when Isabelle mentions an incident involving an ambulance last summer at the Turner house, which was for baby Jericho's lifeless body. When taking Leanne’s wet top off, a scar is revealed on Leanne’s arm and Isabelle is concerned as to whether Dorothy had done it, but Leanne says not to worry about it.

In the basement, Sean is inspecting the floor and is satisfied with it. He moves over to the wine rack to take out a bottle of wine, and notices termites on the floor and in the spots where the wine was. In the park, Leanne and the homeless people are sitting in a circle together. Leanne tells them to open their eyes and asks two of them about the ambulance situation earlier that day. They explain they are not sure why the ambulance was called and that the man looked fine. They did not see what Isabelle was saying to the EMT, other than it looked serious and he was angry. They present Leanne with a dagger, to which Leanne says that weapon used to be a symbol of their fear and Leanne is not afraid any more. She pricks her finger with the dagger and passes it round for the others to do the same. Dorothy is watching a recording of Gourmet Gauntlet and then pauses it, checking the calendar for June last year where she finds those calendar pages empty. Leanne walks in, concealing the dagger, saying she was visiting her friends and that they could be Dorothy’s friends too. Leanne makes her way upstairs and puts the dagger in a box.

The next day, Isabelle is knocking at the front door and Dorothy answers. Isabelle says to Dorothy that she knows what she did and that she will end Dorothy’s career. While they are talking, Dorothy hears breaking glass and goes to check on what it is, thinking it is something wrong with Leanne. While Dorothy checks, Leanne sneaks out and speaks to Isabelle, asking her if she was asking the E..MT.s about Dorothy. Isabella explains what she has been investigating, and finds Jericho’s death record and the EMT gives her a lead. Isabelle explains she will expose Dorothy and she is worried for Leanne. When Leanne goes back into the house, Dorothy asks her if she had just spoken to Isabelle and wonders if Leanne is using this as some revenge against Dorothy for what happened in the past. Leanne reassures Dorothy that what Dorothy did was what any mother would have done. Moving past Dorothy, Leanne goes upstairs past Julian saying she will be in her room. Julian reluctantly follows. Later, Leanne and Julian return from upstairs and Dorothy opens the door to her father, Frank, and Kourtney. Dorothy sends Kourtney into the kitchen, telling her dad that Leanne is still here and that she needs her father’s help to get Leanne out of the house, to be institutionalized. Leanne interrupts with appetizers and Dorothy goes upstairs to change.

The family begin to watch the episode of Gourmet Gauntlet and as they do, Dorothy is interrupted by a notification on her phone. She turns over to the news where there is a shooting in Chester with an active shooter, which was supposed to be Jeremy’s story. Leanne says Isabelle deserves to be there and after gunfire occurs, Isabelle moves to a new location but is immediately shot in the head. Leanne smirks at Dorothy, as Isabelle will never be able to expose Dorothy to the public. She picks up the doughnut wrapper the now late Isabelle had brought earlier and throws it in the trashcan.



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  • Isabelle Carrick is/was the first member of the public who learned the hard truth of baby Jericho's very premature death at the unintentional hands of his thoughtless, overwhelmed mother last summer.
  • This is Frank Pearce' and Kourtney's first appearance in Season 3.
  1. In most parts of the US, the episode was actually available in prime time on Thursday, but the Apple TV app nevertheless maintained that it debuted on Friday. So the actual date of first stream was March 10, 2022.