"Remind me why I'm doing this."
"Because there's a shortage of people willing to work in the television industry?"
"Please do not choose now to be horrible to me. I am quite emotional about what is happening."

Dorothy and Sean, "Reborn"

Dorothy Turner is a young mother who is married to Sean Turner. After an unspeakable tragedy, Dorothy hires a young nanny to help care for their newborn child. She is portrayed by Lauren Ambrose in the Apple TV+ series Servant.


Hiring Leanne

Dorothy Turner is a television reporter, working for 8 News in Philadelphia. She lives in an expansive brownstone with her husband, Sean. Sean is an experimental chef, famous for creating recipes and consulting with top restaurants. The couple have a son, Jericho.

Several months after the birth of Jericho, Dorothy decides it is time to return to work. Unwilling to leave Jericho, Dorothy hires a live-in nanny, Leanne Grayson. Leanne's duties revolve around caring for Jericho while Dorothy works. Although agreeing to the situation, Sean is not pleased to have Leanne living in their home.

Returning to work, Dorothy begins to rely on Leanne, which concerns Sean. She begins to take Leanne under her wing, ignoring Sean's efforts to remind her that she is just staff.


When Dorothy returns home in a cab, she appears catatonic only for passing headlights to awaken her. When she enters the house, she finds Sean staring at the cot with a baby in it he can't believe to be Jericho.

Over dinner, Sean asks Dorothy where she found Leanne to which Dorothy responds this was as a result of a Twitter shout out. She didn't care where Leanne came from, claiming they got lucky either way. Sean would later confront Dorothy later about Jericho and Leanne but finds Dorothy again catatonic in front of the fridge light. She awakens after a short while and makes her way upstairs to see her son.

Getting to know each other

After Leanne fainted after seeing Sean and Tobe preparing live eels for a meal, Dorothy wanted to make sure Leanne was okay. She gave Leanne a cup of tea and together they decided to go on a shopping trip to get to know each other.

After returning, Dorothy convinced a reluctant Leanne to let her borrow her shoes. With this, Leanne borrowed Dorothy's lipstick and one of her rings.

Dorothy had planned to take Jericho with her to work and wanted Leanne to accompany her. This was to show off her son, but Sean was able to convince her not to do this as Dorothy didn't like her colleagues showing off their newborn babies either. With that, Dorothy went to work alone.

After seeing Sean out the house to take his flight, she returns to find a letter to Leanne and meets George, Leanne's uncle. When George tries to get Leanne to leave the house, Dorothy does her best to convince Leanne to stay which Leanne does, much to the dismay of George.


Dorothy has been receiving help from a kinesiologist in Natalie for her movement. Dorothy makes a decision she would like to let go of Natalie, who is also a family friend, in favour of biofeedback therapy. Dorothy invited Natalie to dinner to inform her of this decision.

The trauma

Julian tells Leanne everything about Jericho and Dorothy's past after a long night baby-sitting.

This trauma involved Dorothy leaving Jericho in a hot car all day and forgetting he was there into the night. A car alarm woke her from her sleep which irritated her. She went outside to find Jericho is still in the car and she brought him inside to put him in his crib. She thought she heard him weeping from the baby monitor, but upon inspecting his crib she found that Jericho was not moving and was indeed dead.

It was Natalie who suggested the idea of using a Reborn Doll to help Dorothy get over the loss of Jericho.

A revelation

During Jericho's baptism, Leanne's Aunt and Uncle enter and Dorothy recognises the Aunt. She discovers through looking through past recordings of her news reports that she recognises Aunt May from a siege she reported on involving The Church of the Lesser Saints. Dorothy notices Leanne is gone as well her baby, replaced with a Reborn Doll.


Dorothy frantically searches for Jericho in all rooms of the house, and asks Sean if he knows where Jericho or Leanne are. She phones the police, asking that they can arrive immediately as a matter of life and death.

The police arrive but don't believe Dorothy when she shows them a video of May Markham, telling them that she attended Jericho's baptism, despite being believed to be dead. She asks Sean to back her up to no avail. The officers later leave, thanks to the efforts of Sean, Julian, and Natalie.

She searches Leanne's room for any signs of clues, and finds a hidden camera in the wall. She believes this to be planted by those who follow The Church of the Lesser Saints, which Sean knows not to be true but follows through with the story. She continues her efforts to find clues as to Jericho's whereabouts, including creating flyers to be sent out to the community. However, both sets of these are put in the trash by Julian and Sean.

Later, Dorothy argues with Sean, saying that she thought he would be a better father and that she would go to the ends of the earth to save Jericho. After this, a letter arrives in the post which Dorothy opens - it includes a baby shoe and a note saying "Tell no one, baby lives" much to Dorothy's relief. She sees this as confirmation her son is alive.

A plea

Dorothy is asleep on the couch while videos play of her and Leanne cuddling Jericho. When Julian enters and Dorothy wakes up, she comments that Leanne does not love Jericho. With this, Dorothy is concerned about her stomach tightening which she thinks happens when Jericho is crying. While discussing this with Julian, the doorbell rings and Dorothy finds a package which she thinks has come from those who took Jericho. The package contains a baby spacesuit which is in fact something Julian ordered before the baptism.

Later, Dorothy is on the bed shocked, watching a video of the cult group kneeling around a person who is naked and whipping himself with May Markham watching on. Her phone rings, and she is called into work to be on the newsdesk as Melanie is off sick. She uses this opportunity to make a plea to public to find Leanne who has been missing for 5 days, and a plea to Leanne herself to come home.

Julian arrives home, thinking she likely will not be asked back to the newsdesk but notes that her stomach is no longer tight, thinking that Jericho is sleeping. While in the shower, the water turns off. She shouts to Sean for help, not knowing he is talking to Leanne.

Finding Leanne

Keen to investigate sightings of Leanne, Dorothy has a list she follows and she sends Sean and Julian out to investigate leads. She becomes curious by a lead Julian is following at a very large house that is heavily secured, but also receives takeaway and grocery deliveries, indicating there are a lot of mouths to feed.

She later discusses best plans to approach this with Sean, and eventually agrees that they cannot just go into the property and confront any residents while shouting. Having already seen that the house orders takeaways she, along with Sean and Julian, decide to start up a takeaway business in the hope the house will order from them thus giving them access. Dorothy is initially frustrated as they receive an order from a different address to the one they want, but then Dorothy herself answers the call she has been waiting for - an order that will give them access to the house.

While Tobe delivers the order, he has a secret camera that the Turners can use to see what he is seeing. She watches closely and is shocked to see Leanne standing right in front of Tobe and when Leanne walks away, she shouts at the screen for Tobe to follow. Growing frustrated, she runs outside in the hope to go to the house herself to confront Leanne, but Sean is able to convince her otherwise, stating a plan is needed such as them needing Leanne to bring the baby to then. Reluctantly agreeing with Sean, she goes back into the house.

After hearing the house has placed another order, showing Leanne is interested in seeing Tobe again, Dorothy volunteers to prepare the order. Once done, she watches the screen again as Tobe returns to the house and meets Leanne. Dorothy is distraught to hear Leanne call her mean, selfish, and cruel and cites jealousy as the reason for this. When Leanne finds out the Turners already know where she is, she collapses to the floor. Dorothy phones Tobe and reveals to the group that she drugged Leanne via the pizza and intends to phone the police on Tobe unless he brings her back to the Turner house. Dorothy has handled it.

Before the birth

While pregnant, Dorothy has a condition involving her placenta that causes her a lot of pain. The doctor confirms that she must stay off her feet otherwise she will go to hospital. Dorothy complies with this and lays in bed, until the smoke alarm goes off and she cannot reach Sean on the phone, and the fire brigade will not come. She decides she must stand up and walk down the stairs to put the fire out, but slips down the stairs and hurts herself. With this, she puts the fire out just as Sean walks in, and she confirms she has handled it.

Interesting trivia

  • Dorothy records all of her television broadcasts and keeps them for posterity.
  • After the birth of Jericho, Dorothy suffers from mastitis, causing her a lot of pain.
  • What Sean thought was Dorothy's favorite meal is seared scallop, sweet potato, pesto, and Parmesan crisp.
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