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"Eel" is the third episode of Servant. It debuted on 28 November, 2019, on Apple TV+. It was released on the same night as the following two episodes.


Sean enlists Dorothy's brother, Julian, to monitor her relationship with Leanne.


A car pulls up outside the Turner house and it is Julian and private detective, Roscoe. They are going to Wisconsin to investigate Leanne and they ask Sean for a photo of her. She can't find her application letter from before, so takes a picture of her while she is sleeping instead.

Tobe arrives to help Sean prepare a meal for diplomats and is introduced to Leanne. Sean and Tobe prepare live eels for the meal which unsettles Leanne which causes her to faint. Dorothy gives her some tea and takes her to town so they can have lunch together.

Having arrived at the Grayson house, Julian contact Sean via video call which shows the house burned. A cross similar to the one Sean destroyed is also in the house. Dorothy and Leanne return from their shopping trip and while Leanne tended to Jericho, Sean asked Dorothy questions about Leanne's past. Sean asks Tobe to stay in the house while he and Dorothy go out for dinner to keep an eye on the house. Dorothy and Leanne talk about their lives, and Dorothy convinces a reluctant Leanne to allow her to borrow her shows in exchange for Leanne to borrow anything of her's.

Leanne watches Dorothy and Sean kiss before they leave, and while wearing Dorothy's ring and lipstick, she asks if Tobe wants to have a drink with her. They dine on an eel that Leanne kills herself. Julian arrives at the house, excusing Tobe. He joins Leanne for dinner and asks her about her experiences in the house and to see what her motives are for what she's doing. She asks Julian if he was there when Jericho died. She gets close to Julian and makes him feel uncomfortable, while Dorothy and Sean arrive home.

Leanne returns Dorothy's ring, and Julian and Sean look over a finding by Roscoe that shows Leanne Grayson's tombstone. They discuss future plans and Julian leaves on a thundery night while Sean comforts Jericho.



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