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Espresso is the sixteenth episode of Servant. It debuted on 19 February, 2021, on Apple TV+, as the sixth episode of season 2.



Dorothy tends to Jericho who is in his crib suffering with colic. Sean is downstairs opening his brand-new coffee maker. He calls Dorothy downstairs to show her the machine and while looking at it, Jericho starts crying. She runs back upstairs to him.

While setting up his coffee machine, Sean gets a phone call from someone at Gourmet Gauntlet, inviting him to be on season two of the show to be the head judge. Sean says no to this initially, citing his two-month-old baby. Later, Sean’s phone rings again, the same person from Gourmet Gauntlet returning his call, and this time he accepts the offer.


George enters the Turner house and demands to know where Leanne is. He shouts her name and Sean is eventually able to convince George to sit down with him. While talking, Dorothy goes to Leanne’s room to tell her that her uncle is there, which Leanne does not believe. Back downstairs, George senses the house is rotten and he proceeds to check the cellar to see what is wrong, then runs upstairs to pray for the Turners after finding out Leanne had been kept there for a week. He searches every room for Leanne and Sean tells Dorothy that he needs to talk to George.

Sending Julian out of the room, away from George, Sean has a conversation with George about the baby that was in their house. George says this was a mistake. They discuss where Leanne is, to which Sean responds she is safe. Sean reveals to George that they took Leanne as they have no one else to turn to, to which George argues this was irresponsible and that they have to return Leanne. Sean wants an explanation for what George is talking about, to which he responds that Leanne has always had a rebellious streak and followers do as they are commanded. Leanne came to the Turners on her own free will, not as she was told. She often went away from communal meetings. Leanne listens to this conversation upstairs through the floor boards. George reveals to Sean that the only way to fix the situation, including Sean’s hand, is to take Leanne back to where she was.

They leave the room and George goes down to Sean a saf. He reveals to Dorothy and Julian that George just wants Leanne and not much else was said. When Sean mentions divine repercussions that George brought up, Dorothy cannot believe what he is saying and that Leanne won’t be going back until she has Jericho back. Dorothy leaves and Sean goes to speak with Leanne, saying to her that George says they have to return her. Leanne says she does not think Jericho can come home, but Sean says he can fix this. He speaks with Julian and devises a plan to take Leanne back to Mrs Moreno’s house that night with Julian distracting Dorothy.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Dorothy takes the $200,000 down to George in basement and asks him to donate it to disadvantaged people as he wants. Instead, he takes the money, and buries it in the whole Dorothy buried Leanne in. He finds a strand of hair in the hole belonging to Leanne and he deduces she was down there. George starts praying and Dorothy shouts at him. Julian pushes George away and stays with the pair. George presses again for Leanne to leave the house but Dorothy says nothing else matters - he responds she must own the part she played. After Dorothy reveals if not for Sean Leanne would have been left down there, George realises what Dorothy has done and Dorothy shouts at him for quoting scripture. Cockroaches start emanating from the hole where the money was dropped and Dorothy and Julian quickly run out, later followed by George.

At the front door, Sean is getting ready to leave with Leanne, but the latter says to Sean that she has to go far away, away from her family. She tries to make Sean promise this and after some thought, he does. They get ready to leave again, but there are reports of gun shots on the news appearing to be from Mrs Moreno’s house, causing Sean and Leanne to pause. The pair are joined by Dorothy and Julian, shortly followed by George who says to the Turners to look at what they have done.





  • David J. Ferrier
  • Salvatore and Antonio Fazio
  • Austin and Bentley Masellas