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George is Leanne's' "uncle". He is portrayed by Boris McGiver in the Apple TV+ series, Servant.

He first meets the Turners on a rainy day, and Dorothy invites him into her house. On request, he is shown Jericho and also presents Dorothy a gift for the baby which is a wooden chef. He sits with Dorothy and Julian for dinner and begins to pray, taking the hands of Julian and Dorothy to their confusion. He reveals he wants to take Leanne away which Dorothy makes the case that it would be a bad idea. He stays in the Turner house for the night and during the night, when Julian is unable to find George in his room, he wakes Dorothy and the pair eventually find George in Jericho’s crib. He leaves the next morning, unsuccessful in taking Leanne with him, and stares at the house from across the road.

George and May Markham attend Jericho’s baptism. He meets Sean in the basement of the Turner house to discuss Leanne and refuses the money Sean offers him. George asks Sean if he knows who he let into his home and he also explains Leanne’s history, such as faking her death. He explains that Leanne punishes those who she dislikes, and pleases those she loves. He asks Sean to pray to God for Jericho to stay.

Leanne leaves the Turner house that night and walking through the group she meets George and May. The pair embrace her, as does the rest of the group.

Freeing Leanne

Walking into the Turner house, George shouts Leanne’s name much to the dismay of Dorothy. After attempting to find her, Sean is able to sit George down to explain the deal they had that Jericho could stay with the Turners - George responds the deal was not with him. He can also sense that the cellar is rotten and goes down there to check. He asks how long Leanne has been kept in the house and upon finding out it had been a week, he runs upstairs and prays by the window. He checks other rooms in the house for her and in Leanne’s original bedroom, he is confronted by Julian. Sean is eventually able to persuade Julian to leave the room so they can discuss the situation.

George explains to Sean the situation about how Leanne has a rebellious side and always was when she was part of George’s group. She often strayed from communal meetings. He also explains who they are, and how they are everywhere, to enact God’s divine plan to help others. He says to Sean that it was irresponsible to keep Leanne there, and the only way to make things right is to take her back to where she came from.

George goes downstairs to make George a save and later while doing this, Dorothy interrupts him to try to give him the $200,000 to give to charities. He takes this money and tips it down the hole that Dorothy had buried Leanne in earlier. He finds a strand of hair he deduces belongs to Leanne. He starts praying, beckoning Dorothy to pray with him which he refuses to do. His conversations with Dorothy are interrupted by Julian who pushes George away. George then realizes, thanks to something Dorothy had said, that Leanne was down that hole. Cockroaches emanated from a hole soon after and Dorothy and Julian fled, with George following soon after.

He enters the living room of the Turner house, telling the Turners to look at what they have done.

A Package

George goes catatonic not long after hearing about the shooting and despite efforts from Dorothy and Julian, he cannot be stirred. During this state, he tried repeatedly to make noises and shout Leanne’s name, but Dorothy and Julian stop this. He is moved between the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, out of prying eyes of the police.

Later, a package arrives containing a Betamax tape which puzzles the Turners. This stirs George from his catatonic state and he takes the box, telling the Turners that the answer has come, and Leanne must see the tape tonight. He takes the box upstairs, removes a panel from it, and brings out a knife.

Beginning the Ritual

George begins to paint symbols on the wall and then moves to sharpen a knife while crying. He is interrupted by Dorothy who brings him breakfast, but also tells him the Betamax player is on the way and shows him the note saying “Reunite them Christmas Eve”. He responds that it is time. He is led by Dorothy out to the grill and he puts his head inside it.

Later, he collects supplies to be used in the basement and spots printouts of research relating to Leanne. He walks to the basement behind Roscoe who is in the kitchen. He chants at the contents of the hole. He eventually met an angry Dorothy on the staircase, and he confirmed that the reunion will still happen which Dorothy reluctantly agrees to. Upstairs, he begins to bang his head against a wall while listening to the song “Love Shack”. With his head bloody, he goes to the grill and heats up an implement. He then takes meat out of the freezer and in the upstairs bathroom he stabs it with a knife.

He makes his way upstairs to Leanne’s room and after seeing Leanne lying beside Julian, he says he cannot do it. After Leanne questions him on what he is doing with the knife, he falls backwards and a candle is knocked over, setting the floor on fire. He says to Leanne that “she” will come for her, not referring to May. He runs outside into the street and is hit by a car leaving him on the snow-covered ground.

Revealing himself

Well after the events of the ritual, George appears near the Turner house and talks with Roscoe. Upon hearing Roscoe say he has got Leanne to trust him, George says that her story begins and is growing stronger daily. He can smell the rot in the Turner house and knows the house is full of parasites. In response to Roscoe asking what happens now, George replies by saying it is "the end."


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