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Goose is the nineteenth episode of Servant. It debuted on 12 March, 2021, on Apple TV+, as the ninth episode of season 2.


Sean is outside in the yard plucking a goose, and a further blows upstairs into Jericho’s room which Dorothy vacuums up. When finished, she takes some of Jericho’s clothes with her to George’s room and knocks on his door, to no answer and there is nobody there when she goes in. She goes up to Leanne’s room to ask where George is, and she confirms that George left last night. Leanne continues decorating her room as Dorothy leaves, saying George will be back for lunch she is sure.

While decorating the tree, Sean asks Dorothy who her father, Frank Pearce, is bringing to dinner. She confirms it is Kourtney. Sean says to Dorothy that they do not have to do this, but Dorothy confirms that it is important they do this as it is Christmas Eve, and Jericho’s first Christmas. After Sean finds out seven guests are coming, he plucks and prepares another goose ready for the meal. Outside, Julian is in the car with Frank and Kourtney as they discuss the plan to be reunited with Jericho. Frank finds this plan bad, while Kourtney is confused. They enter the house, and Dorothy is introduced to Kourtney. Leanne comes downstairs, and Julian turns away. She then meets Sean in the kitchen and says that Dorothy is expecting Jericho today. Sean says to her that he believes there is evidence this could happen, whereas Leanne says George is not coming back. Leanne asks Sean what Dorothy will do if Jericho does not come back today. Later, in a conversation with Julian, Sean reveals that Dorothy would follow Jericho if something happened to him.

At the table, there is silence, and Julian breaks the ice by pouring everyone a drink. Sean and Dorothy arrive with the goose and Sean says a message to begin the meal, giving thanks to God. This shocks Julian and he begins to confront Sean and his father. While eating, Julian’s phone repeatedly goes off and Dorothy believes she hears something at the door and goes outside to see who it might be. It turns out to be no one. After Leanne wants Julian to pass her the potatoes, Julian leaves the table and goes into the bathroom. The missed calls are from Natalie, and he begins snorting drugs. Back in the kitchen, he makes himself a drink, and is interrupted by Leanne. She isn’t sure how to act after the events of the previous night. Julian apologises for what happened, but Leanne is not sorry, because it made her feel powerful. Leanne wants to take Julian’s pain away again.

Out front, Sean is sitting outside with Dorothy, talking about whether they will be reunited with Jericho today. Sean says it is important not to think like that, and think about what they will do when they are reunited with Jericho. For example, Sean says he will tell Jericho how much he loves him, while Dorothy says she can still smell Jericho’s head and how she wants to sing to him.

In the living room, Frank and Kourtney are playing charades, while Julian paces in front of the fireplace. He becomes increasingly agitated with their game and mistakes being made, and begins to shout and break the rules. Dorothy and Sean enter, interrupting the game with Dorothy guessing the charade Julian has been trying to guess for a long time. Julian leaves for the bathroom to snort more drugs while listening to voicemail messages from Natalie. He collapses in the bathroom. Kourtney goes to the bathroom door and knocks, to no response, and kicks it in, revealing Julian on the floor, not breathing. Sean performs CPR with Dorothy watching on while Kourtney dials the emergency services. After no success with CPR, Leanne comes down from Jericho’s room and does something to Julian, kissing him after. He awakes and stares at Leanne who is across the hallway. Julian says he saw him there, and he seemed okay. They are interrupted by the arrival of the paramedics, and Julian’s lead outside.

They reveal to paramedics that Julian took drugs, and he goes to the hospital in the ambulance while Frank and Kourney follow in the car. Leanne goes downstairs to the basement, finding a noose made from baby clothes. She then goes to Jericho’s room, where Dorothy reveals the noose is for her, in the event Jericho does not return home. Dorothy reveals as a mother she would die to be with her son.

While Sean locks up, there is a knock at the door, and it is a cloaked figure saying she understands the Turners are looking for Jericho.





  • Daisy Galvis
  • Justin Riemer