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"Hair" is the twenty-third episode of Servant. It debuted on 4 February, 2022, on Apple TV+, as the third episode of season 3.


Julian recalls that rainy day when he found his infant nephew dead , causing him to vomit. He wept in fear and sorrow as he had tried to awaken his catatonic sister. In the present, Julian is in a traffic jam and manages to pull up to the Turner house. Vera is in the car with Julian, telling him about her childhood. She raises the issue of another woman raising Leanne’s baby, and that she cannot believe it. Julian agrees and says that if Leanne decides to take Jericho away with her, the Turner’s don’t have any legal grounds to get the baby back. Julian thinks they need a way to prove the baby is Leanne’s.

Moving into the house, Julian sees Dorothy dressed like Marilyn Monroe where Dorothy explains she is covering a Marilyn Monroe lookalike contest for 8 News. In the kitchen, Julian discusses with Sean about Sean’s trip with Leanne to the park. With that, Julian poses his idea to Sean about testing to see if the baby is Leanne’s and the possibility of starting some adoption proceedings to give Dorothy legal rights to the baby. Sean disapproves of this and they are interrupted by Leanne entering the room with Jericho. Soon after, Sean and Leanne enter the park and Leanne is very nervous and on alert. While there, they find vegetables to cook with and pick some. While Sean sits down to eat, a homeless person comes to ask for spare change from Sean. He gives the change to them while Leanne looks on, who decides she wants to go home.

At home that evening, Sean is preparing a dish while Dorothy walks in. Dorothy is upset to find that Isabelle is documenting a murder trial that she wanted to run. Dorothy takes Jericho up to bed and while Leanne eats dandylion soup from ingredients Sean picked at the park, she finds a hair in there. At a gym, Julian meets with Roscoe and they discuss how things have been going. While there, Julian asks Roscoe for a favor to get Leanne’s and Jericho’s DNA. Roscoe is dubious but eventually accepts, saying that Julian will gather the DNA, and Roscoe will deliver it to a scientist friend who owes him a favor. As they agree their terms, the same homeless person Sean sees walks past. In the kitchen, Sean is preparing food to take to the homeless people in the park and Leanne opts not to go with him. In the park, Sean gives them the food and goes back home.

Sitting outside the Turner house, Julian is talking with Roscoe on the phone about the scheme to get some of Leanne’s and Jericho’s hair. While doing this, he has a flashback to the day he found Jericho deceased, where he phoned his father. Sneaking into Jericho’s bedroom while Leanne is out, Julian takes one of Jericho’s hairs for the analysis. He checks for hairs in the bathroom and in Leanne’s bedroom but cannot find any. He is interrupted by Leanne entering the room where he says he wants to get back with her. He embraces Leanne and tries to pull out a hair, but nothing comes out. Leanne tells Julian to leave and he goes downstairs talking to Vera on the phone. Vera suggests trying to prove that Jericho is not Dorothy’s child as opposed to proving he is Leanne’s. With this, Julian checks the couch cushions in the living room and finds no hairs, but does find hairs in a hairbrush on the table which he takes as a sample. He gives the hairs to Roscoe, as Leanne watches on.

Later, in the kitchen, Leanne is with Dorothy and Sean and the backdoor knocks. It is the same homeless person Sean met earlier who wants to use the bathroom. When Dorothy comes down the stairs, she is shocked to see them walk out of there. After telling Sean this was a bad idea allowing that person into the house, she has an idea to run a news story on the homelessness situation. She takes a news crew down to the park where she interviews some of the homeless individuals who give short responses to her. She interviews another person who starts giving her answers, but the camera breaks up. With no luck interviewing the homeless people, Dorothy and crew decide to interview her husband, Sean, about the situation and why he is doing what he is doing. While watching the news report that evening, there is movement at the door and Julian retrieves an envelope with the results of the DNA test.

Later in the living room, Julian tells Dorothy that Jericho is not her son and begins to explain his experiences in the past involving Jericho. As he goes on to explain, the doorbell rings and it is a mother collecting her diaper bag and hair brush ,where it is revealed the hair Julian tested is from this mother, not Dorothy. Dorothy tells Julian to never do anything like that again. While in her room, Leanne looks out the window to see the same homeless people Sean helped staring at her, implying that they are indeed of the Church of Lesser Saints.



Guest Starring


  • James and Jack Hoogerwerff
  • Caiden and Luka Ravenscroft
  • Cole and Austin Hillenmayer
  • Bill Vargus
  • Heather Plank
  • Anna Leonard
  • Khalil McMillan
  • Michael Jansen
  • Liz Priestly


  • A bit more light is shed on the aftermath of two-and-a-half month-old Jericho's premature death.
  • The homeless boy that Sean has been feeding is of the cult as is the "mother" who came for her hairbrush.


  • Julian: "Jericho isn't your baby."
  • Dorothy: "Of course he is."
  • Julian: "I had Jericho's DNA tested."
  • Dorothy: "What? Why?"
  • Julian: "And yours."
  • Dorothy: "Julian, what is going on?"
  • Julian: "Jericho isn't your baby."
  • Dorothy: "Of course Jericho is my baby. What is going on with you? Oh God, are you using again?"
  • Julian: "I need you to understand. I saw Jericho. I saw him. He was there when I died. He was there with me. He's gone, Dodie. I tested your hair and his. Jericho is not your baby. This proves it."
  • Dorothy: "I believe you. I believe you."
  1. In most parts of the US, the episode was actually available in prime time on Thursday, but the Apple TV app nevertheless maintained that it debuted on Friday. So the actual date of first stream was February 3, 2022.