Jericho Turner was/is the firstborn child and infant son of the mentally ill Dorothy Pearce-Turner and chef Sean Turner. Due to his mother's thoughtlessness, he had succumbed to intense heat in late August in the car at only thirteen weeks (nearly three months) of age in late summer 2019. According to Sean in Episode 24, he is now nine months old.


Unintentional Death

Jericho Turner was finally conceived through difficulty regardless of his mother's overactive immune system that had resulted in Dorothy "killing" all of her unborn offspring. Ever since his reporter mother has doted on him deeply. However, at the mere thirteen weeks of age, due to her feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted, she had thoughtlessly left him in the car to die of overheat due the extremely high summer temperatures. It was hours later in the evening at 2am when she had realized that her infant child was, in fact, deceased. This shock was enough to trigger a psychotic break within her and leave her completely catatonic for many weeks to come. It was only when a lifelike doll had been placed in her arms did she "return to reality." As the weeks turned into months, it was this pale imitation that has left Dorothy in a state of delusion of the belief that her child is still alive.

Miraculous Return to Life

The actual cause of calling forth Jericho's very young spirit/essence/soul back to the earthly plane remains to be seen, though it is implied as some resurrection ritual in the opening theme of third season, as Leanne had been wearing a coat during the snowstorm. His father Sean, of course, actually recognized that it was truly his infant son back from the Great Beyond and not a pale imitation come alive. His parents put him between them in bed.

Three months since his miraculous resurrection, in March,the one true Jericho has been further doted on by his parents and has begun to eat more solid foods being documented on his mother's iPhone. His mother decided that it was time to give him some fresh air at the beach. Two days later, he is in his mother's arms during the Mommy and Me party. After the disaster by the sudden swarm of moths coming from the fireplace, which had even fazed him, Leanne tells Dorothy that she will put Jericho to put for her.

His hair is taken from his uncle Julian for DNA testing, but is revealed to belong to a mother who came for her diaper bag and hairbrush. Some days later, Leanne holds him as his parents are putting safety measures all around the house to stop him being electrocuted or crushed by furniture. His mother tires to breastfeed him again, but cannot. Leanne holds him as Sean is preparing food with Tobe and his new girlfriend Sylvia, who insults him repeatedly. She takes him out the kitchen as he cries due to Sylvia's middle finger being slashed off. When a humiliated Dorothy returns from her disastrous interview with a homeless street artist, she takes Jericho upstairs to feed him as she began lacerating during her interview.

Leanne holds in around the neighborhood during the block party to end homeless people's hunger; he is starting to blonde hair. Dorothy takes him and decides to humiliate Isabelle, and declares that she will not pretend that her son does not exist. Still in his overprotective mother's arms, Dorothy berates his father for exposing him to a "freak show" and "forcing" the mighty Lord/Jesus down his throat, to which Sean reminds her that she had baptized him. The next morning his father reads a book about a black sheep, afterwards, he cries in his crib.

Connection with Leanne

His mysterious, supernatural connection to his nanny is later revealed as his suspicious mother tries to get Leanne out of the house with the help of Vera. He seemingly disappears and is replaced a doll again as Leanne is about to leave for a two-month dancing camp at Dorothy's urging to get rid of Leanne. Only when she goes back in the house, does he appear to be safe and sound in his crib the entire time. His delusional, severely overprotective mother sees this as a "depraved prank."

Back in His Mother's Overprotective Arms

Dorothy has gotten increasingly paranoid about her son's safety, ever more so since Leanne was allowed to remain at Sean's insistence. She does not allow him back in Leanne's arms again, constantly keeping him to her chest 24/7 and refusing to even let hi own father hold him, let alone his uncle and grandfather. In a last desperate attempt to be rid of Leanne's influence, he is about to be taken away with his increasingly paranoid and delusional mother wanting to flee in order to start over with only her alone to protect him. Sean and Julian awaken due to Leanne's shouts for help, and remains in Dorothy's arms, adamantly refusing for Sean to even hold his own child if only for a moment. As the banister splinters due to the termites constantly eating away at it, Dorothy throws him up and he is caught by none other than Leanne, as his mother falls down three floors down and is left severely hurt with a broken ankle and arm.


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  • His return to life may be due to a resurrection ritual concocted by Leanne, as implied in the opening theme for Season Three.
  • He was the very first child to survive his mother's overactive immune system.
  • He was born in the living room in a wooden tub.
  • He has no lines, being only an infant and not yet a toddler.
  • In "Ring" it is said he is nine months old.
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