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Aunt Josephine was a member of The Church of the Lesser Saints. After George failed to convert Leanne back to the group, Josephine comes to the Turner house. She brings with her a Betamax player to play the Betamax tape that had previously arrived at the house. She greets Sean and Dorothy and sits with Dorothy on the sofa to discuss all she has been through and then gives her a hug. She then asks Dorothy to see Leanne and after Dorothy initially refuses, Josephine says to her that the order of things is important.

She is allowed 15 minutes with Leanne and during this initial conversation, she asks Leanne what she wants. When Leanne says she wants to stay with the Turners, Josephine responds that Leanne is not loved. Later, she meets Dorothy in Jericho’s room and gives Dorothy a baby onesie and tells her that it contains the truth. Leaving Dorothy’s room, she goes back to Leanne’s room with both Sean and Dorothy in their rooms, Sean locked in. They play the Beta-max tape which sets out the Reunion ritual that Josephine wishes to perform upon Leanne to bring household back to the light. Leanne is shocked to see this ritual, but afterwards prays repeating words provided by Josephine. Josephine asks Leanne to say that she will forget Dorothy Turner and when Leanne refuses multiple times, Leanne attempts to run but Josephine stops her and splashes oil in her face distorting Leanne’s vision.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Pennies From Heaven is playing and Josephine is standing by the back kitchen door stabbing herself in the leg with an implement. She eventually tracks Leanne to the basement and on the other side of the door, she says to Leanne that she has lost her way and that she must pay the price. She is able to get into the basement with Leanne hiding and spots Leanne trying to escape. She drags Leanne to the ground and slices down Leanne’s arm as part of the ritual. Before she can do the left arm, she is knocked out by Dorothy. Josephine wakes, spots Leanne heating a blade, and pins her down round her neck. When her veil is removed by Leanne, her regard faces revealed which shocks her and this distracts her enough for Leanne to push her away. She crawls away, replacing her veil but Leanne is standing over her. The heated blade is plunged into her eye.

Her charred remains are placed between two walls in the Turner house and have been devoured by moths. Months later, it is finally removed and put in the trashcan.