"Is she here?"
"You came all this way just to check out the nanny?"
"I waited until almost the weekend, I think I've been pretty respectful.

Sean and Julian, "Reborn"

Julian Pearce is Dorothy's younger brother, and the brother-in-law of Sean Turner. He is a constant presence in the couple's life, sharing interests with Sean and being close to his sister. He is portrayed by Rupert Grint in the Apple TV+ series Servant.



After learning that Dorothy and Sean hired a live-in nanny, Leanne, to care for Jericho, Julian is interested in meeting her and even jokes to Sean that he was being respectful by waiting until the weekend to visit the house.

As Leanne ingratiates herself with Dorothy and Jericho, Sean becomes suspicious of her and enlists Julian's help in finding out more about her. Julian turns to a friend of his, a private investigator named Roscoe, to help dig up information on Leanne.

Julian, alongside Roscoe, visit Wisconsin to find the grave of Leanne Grayson and her house burned down which adds any suspicions they already had. Julian passed to this information on to Sean and he kept investigating the issue and reporting back to Sean.

Confronting Leanne

Julian cares a lot about his sister, Dorothy, and wants to do all he can to protect her. One night he confronted Leanne and said she would have to go through him if she wanted to harm the Turner household. She then asked him if he was there on the night of Jericho's death.

He tried many ways to remove Leanne from the household, through suggesting to Sean that he play practical jokes on her to drive her out. He also paid Wanda to go to the Turner house to convince Leanne to leave.

When Leanne's uncle, George, arrives at the Turner house, Julian arrives in order to protect his sister and brother-in-law. He asks George who he really is and decides to sleep on the couch at the house as he does not trust George. Waking Dorothy during the night, they attempt to find George as he was not in his room, only to find Jericho out of his crib, on the floor, and George assuming his place his the baby's crib.

Defending Dorothy

When Natalie arrives at the house and discovers the 'real' baby, Julian comes to dinner with her and the Turner family to try to protect Dorothy's name. With this, Julian works with Sean to try to deflect Natalie's attempts to tell Dorothy the truth.

after an incident with a stray dog, Natalie joins Julian outside for a smoke where he reveals to her he's struggling mentally with this situation. Natalie says she can help and the two make love in the cellar, and leave together that evening.


While Sean and Dorothy leave the house for the evening, Julian is asked to babysit Jericho. When he arrives at the house and checks on the baby, he finds a doll in the crib instead of an actual baby. This panics him and when his and Dorothy's father arrives at the house and sees the doll, Julian has to deflect an idea of his to replace the doll with a real baby as this seems to have already happened.

Paranoid by this, he tells Leanne everything that happened to Jericho and the Turner family. Dorothy and Sean return home to find the real baby in the crib, much to Julian's confusion.

The trauma

Julian had discovered what had happened with Jericho when he had arrived at the Turner house to discover a slab of meat on the kitchen surface that had attracted flies. He then entered Jericho's room after this.

Unwanted guests

After Aunt May and Uncle George come uninvited to the baptism of Jericho, Julian asks Roscoe to kill the uncle which Rosco refuses, but he does agree to keep an eye on the house.

Covering up

Julian and Natalie arrive at the Turner house to see the police there, and Leanne and Jericho gone. While Natalie goes upstairs to delay the police officer, Julian discusses with Sean that they need to cover up the situation so they can have plausible deniability. They can convince the police the baby did not vanish use the following story: Dorothy is rejecting the doll and is taking her first steps towards healing. Julian is able to convince the officer to leave.

In the living room, Julian is unconvinced that they should search for May Markham, leader of The Church of the Lesser Saints and thinks they should just move on which Natalie agrees with. Despite this, Julian is still asked questions by Sean about the cult and Julian states that the cult disbanded after the siege Dorothy reported at and there is no trail after that.

Julian goes into Jericho's room to search for clues and puts a baby shoe in his pocket. Dorothy asks Julian to distribute more flyers, but he instead puts them and the Reborn Doll in the trash.

A new lead

Julian awakes in the Turner house to see a hole in the wall and the bath running. After turning this off, he goes to speak to Dorothy who he finds watching videos of her and Leanne cuddling Jericho. Dorothy comments she can feel her stomach tightening which she says only happens when Jericho cries. Julian dismisses this, which Dorothy believes is because he is an atheist. The doorbell rings, and it is a package which Dorothy thinks came from the people who took Jericho, but it is in fact a spacesuit Julian had bought for the baby. Dorothy does not like this gift, and after Dorothy leaves, Julian dresses the Reborn doll in the suit.

Julian sits with Sean while he cooks breakfast, and suggests they make a ransom demand in order to give Dorothy something to focus on - Sean disagrees with this. Later, he helps Dorothy get ready to leave the house and upon asking why, he disputes why she is going into work. With this, he asks for Sean for help who lets Dorothy go, instead showing Julian who is in the basement - Roscoe.

While watching Roscoe eat, Julian becomes confused as to where Roscoe had been since the baptism party. When Roscoe explains that he believes today is the day after the party, Monday, Julian corrects him stating it is actually Friday. He becomes impatient with Roscoe and threatens to hurt him as Roscoe continues to plead that he knows nothing of where he has been. Julian disagrees with Sean about bringing Natalie in to hypnotize Roscoe which eventually happens anyway.

With Natalie hypnotizing Roscoe, Julian doesn't believe what Roscoe is saying and says as much to Sean and Natalie afterwards. Later, Julian talks to Natalie alone and he notes the reason he is searching for Jericho is because of Dorothy, but Natalie is able to draw out that it is due to something else which reminds Julian that he always wanted to go into space.

A new business

Julian is helping Sean and Dorothy chase up sightings of Leanne in their local area. He checks out a house that is very large, and receives takeaway deliveries and groceries indicating there are a lot of mouths to feed. This causes great suspicion thus the Turners want access inside.

The plan to get inside involves setting up a takeaway service which that house will hopefully order from. Julian helps formulate this plan and suggests the name "Cheesus Crust" for the business which the group decides to go with. He drops off a flyer at the house, and the family await the order. Having finally received an order from the house, Julian arrives at the Turner house having just be at the opera. This means he is not dressed for the role of delivering the pizza, which means Tobe has to do it. He watches on the screen, using the hidden camera on Tobe, as the young chef enters the house and meets Leanne.

At sight of this, Dorothy wants to rush out of the house to confront Leanne and Julian asks Sean to stop her, citing the need for a plan. An iPad in the house chimes, and Julian checks it which confirms that the house has made another order, meaning Leanne wants to meet Tobe again. While Dorothy prepares the pizza, Julian chats with Sean and gets frustrated with his brother-in-law that he keeps mentioning Natalie.

Julian watches Tobe go back to the house to meet Leanne and is shocked to see Leanne has been drugged by Dorothy via the pizza, and sees her fall to the floor.

Interesting trivia

  • Julian and his brother-in-law Sean share a taste for fine wines.
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