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Julian Pearce is Dorothy's younger brother, the brother-in-law of Sean Turner, and the boyfriend of Leanne Grayson from Season 4. He is a constant presence in the couple's life, sharing interests with Sean and being close to his sister. He is portrayed by Rupert Grint. He appears in every episode except the second season finale.



After learning that Dorothy and Sean hired a live-in nanny, Leanne, to care for Jericho, Julian is interested in meeting her and even jokes to Sean that he was being respectful by waiting until the weekend to visit the house.

As Leanne ingratiates herself with Dorothy and Jericho, Sean becomes suspicious of her and enlists Julian's help in finding out more about her. Julian turns to a friend of his, a private investigator named Roscoe, to help dig up information on Leanne.

Julian, alongside Roscoe, visit Wisconsin to find the grave of Leanne Grayson and her house burned down which adds any suspicions they already had. Julian passed to this information on to Sean and he kept investigating the issue and reporting back to Sean.

Confronting Leanne[]

Julian cares a lot about his sister, Dorothy, and wants to do all he can to protect her. One night he confronted Leanne and said she would have to go through him if she wanted to harm the Turner household. She then asked him if he was there on the night of Jericho's death.

He tried many ways to remove Leanne from the household, through suggesting to Sean that he play practical jokes on her to drive her out. He also paid Wanda to go to the Turner house to convince Leanne to leave.

When Leanne's uncle, George, arrives at the Turner house, Julian arrives in order to protect his sister and brother-in-law. He asks George who he really is and decides to sleep on the couch at the house as he does not trust George. Waking Dorothy during the night, they attempt to find George as he was not in his room, only to find Jericho out of his crib, on the floor, and George assuming his place his the baby's crib.

Defending Dorothy[]

When Natalie arrives at the house and discovers the 'real' baby, Julian comes to dinner with her and the Turner family to try to protect Dorothy's name. With this, Julian works with Sean to try to deflect Natalie's attempts to tell Dorothy the truth.

after an incident with a stray dog, Natalie joins Julian outside for a smoke where he reveals to her he's struggling mentally with this situation. Natalie says she can help and the two make love in the cellar, and leave together that evening.


While Sean and Dorothy leave the house for the evening, Julian is asked to babysit Jericho. When he arrives at the house and checks on the baby, he finds a doll in the crib instead of an actual baby. This panics him and when his and Dorothy's father arrives at the house and sees the doll, Julian has to deflect an idea of his to replace the doll with a real baby as this seems to have already happened.

Paranoid by this, he tells Leanne everything that happened to Jericho and the Turner family. Dorothy and Sean return home to find the real baby in the crib, much to Julian's confusion.

The trauma[]

Julian had discovered what had happened with Jericho when he had arrived at the Turner house to discover a slab of meat on the kitchen surface that had attracted flies. He then entered Jericho's room after this.

Unwanted guests[]

After Aunt May and Uncle George come uninvited to the baptism of Jericho, Julian asks Roscoe to kill the uncle which Rosco refuses, but he does agree to keep an eye on the house.

Covering up[]

Julian and Natalie arrive at the Turner house to see the police there, and Leanne and Jericho gone. While Natalie goes upstairs to delay the police officer, Julian discusses with Sean that they need to cover up the situation so they can have plausible deniability. They can convince the police the baby did not vanish use the following story: Dorothy is rejecting the doll and is taking her first steps towards healing. Julian is able to convince the officer to leave.

In the living room, Julian is unconvinced that they should search for May Markham, leader of The Church of the Lesser Saints and thinks they should just move on which Natalie agrees with. Despite this, Julian is still asked questions by Sean about the cult and Julian states that the cult disbanded after the siege Dorothy reported at and there is no trail after that.

Julian goes into Jericho's room to search for clues and puts a baby shoe in his pocket. Dorothy asks Julian to distribute more flyers, but he instead puts them and the Reborn Doll in the trash.

A new lead[]

Julian awakes in the Turner house to see a hole in the wall and the bath running. After turning this off, he goes to speak to Dorothy who he finds watching videos of her and Leanne cuddling Jericho. Dorothy comments she can feel her stomach tightening which she says only happens when Jericho cries. Julian dismisses this, which Dorothy believes is because he is an atheist. The doorbell rings, and it is a package which Dorothy thinks came from the people who took Jericho, but it is in fact a spacesuit Julian had bought for the baby. Dorothy does not like this gift, and after Dorothy leaves, Julian dresses the Reborn doll in the suit.

Julian sits with Sean while he cooks breakfast, and suggests they make a ransom demand in order to give Dorothy something to focus on - Sean disagrees with this. Later, he helps Dorothy get ready to leave the house and upon asking why, he disputes why she is going into work. With this, he asks for Sean for help who lets Dorothy go, instead showing Julian who is in the basement - Roscoe.

While watching Roscoe eat, Julian becomes confused as to where Roscoe had been since the baptism party. When Roscoe explains that he believes today is the day after the party, Monday, Julian corrects him stating it is actually Friday. He becomes impatient with Roscoe and threatens to hurt him as Roscoe continues to plead that he knows nothing of where he has been. Julian disagrees with Sean about bringing Natalie in to hypnotize Roscoe which eventually happens anyway.

With Natalie hypnotizing Roscoe, Julian doesn't believe what Roscoe is saying and says as much to Sean and Natalie afterwards. Later, Julian talks to Natalie alone and he notes the reason he is searching for Jericho is because of Dorothy, but Natalie is able to draw out that it is due to something else which reminds Julian that he always wanted to go into space.

A new business[]

Julian is helping Sean and Dorothy chase up sightings of Leanne in their local area. He checks out a house that is very large, and receives takeaway deliveries and groceries indicating there are a lot of mouths to feed. This causes great suspicion thus the Turners want access inside.

The plan to get inside involves setting up a takeaway service which that house will hopefully order from. Julian helps formulate this plan and suggests the name "Cheesus Crust" for the business which the group decides to go with. He drops off a flyer at the house, and the family await the order. Having finally received an order from the house, Julian arrives at the Turner house having just be at the opera. This means he is not dressed for the role of delivering the pizza, which means Tobe has to do it. He watches on the screen, using the hidden camera on Tobe, as the young chef enters the house and meets Leanne.

At sight of this, Dorothy wants to rush out of the house to confront Leanne and Julian asks Sean to stop her, citing the need for a plan. An iPad in the house chimes, and Julian checks it which confirms that the house has made another order, meaning Leanne wants to meet Tobe again. While Dorothy prepares the pizza, Julian chats with Sean and gets frustrated with his brother-in-law that he keeps mentioning Natalie.

Julian watches Tobe go back to the house to meet Leanne and is shocked to see Leanne has been drugged by Dorothy via the pizza, and sees her fall to the floor.

Pay the ransom[]

Julian arrives at the Turner house to discuss with sure whether they should pay off the $200,000 ransom money to retrieve Jericho. Julian has to confirm to Sean that he did not send the ransom note we Sean initially suspects, and tells his brother-in-law that they should pay the ransom.

In order to gather the funds together, Julian and Sean gathered their stash of money they kept in the basement to help with this. Julian shows this to Dorothy who is looking for jewellery to sell and she is very appreciative of this.

Sean and Dorothy get ready to leave to go and retrieve Jericho, and Julian stays behind to watch Leanne and Tobe as they prepare a King cake. While doing so, he dials Roscoe who is also at the Franklinville Mall along with Sean and Dorothy to keep an eye on proceedings. After conversations with the Turners telling them to wait until closing time if need be for the person to arrive, he goes into the kitchen again to check on Leanne. He asks her where Tobe is and she responds that he left, locking the door from the outside. Ensuring she goes upstairs, she asks Julian if he will take the cake out of the oven and then glaze it when it is cool.

With Leanne upstairs, Julian speaks with Sean alone, discussing how a small plastic baby could have been ordered through Sean’s account. After accessing Sean’s computer, Julian finds the baby in Sean’s search history and runs upstairs to Leanne’s room. He finds Tobe in there, who he orders to leave, and then confronts Leanne, asking Leanne why she would do this to Dorothy given how much preparation Dorothy had put in for collecting Jericho. He leaves Leanne’s room and moves into the kitchen to glaze the cake. After this he tries to phone Sean but gets no response.

He hears a car lock and he goes to the front door to see Sean and Dorothy walk-in, accompanied by George, who asks where Leanne is.

Preparing to fight[]

After they all watch the news report on the TV, Sean follows Leanne when she goes to her room while Julian and Dorothy stay with George. When George goes catatonic, both Julian and Dorothy are puzzled. Dorothy leaves Julian with George and Julian tries to get through to Leanne’s uncle, by trying to startle him. He gets close to him and George makes a groaning noise, startling Julian. When Dorothy re-enters, Julian is concerned about the shooting and what fate awaits the Turners. He listens to Dorothy’s attempted reassurances that they have the upper hand, with leverage from having George and Leanne.

The police arrive soon after and after some reluctance, Julian agrees to move George with Sean’s help into the kitchen to get him out of the eyesight of the police. Once in the kitchen, Julian stays with George in the kitchen while Sean goes with Dorothy to meet Officer Reyes. He has to cover George’s mouth occasionally when he starts making noises. He also has to move George around the counter by the time Sean and Reyes enter the kitchen. When they leave to look around the house, Dorothy enters and shuts both George and Julian in the downstairs bathroom.

In the bathroom, Julian tries to stop more noises by stuffing George’s mouth with toilet paper, but is quickly interrupted by Sean who says that Reyes has left. Later, when a box arrives containing a Betamax tape, and George takes it upstairs, Julian and Sean are told by Dorothy to not go after George, as she wields a note saying the Turners called their bluff.

His mistake[]

Asleep in a chair, Julian wakes up and begins searching on a laptop for details on Leanne’s past. He finds a news article that shows a picture of Leanne with her parents, cradled by her mother. He ignores the phone call by Dorothy and keeps searching. He prints off these articles and goes to Leanne’s door, telling her that he had been to her old house and that if she ever wanted to talk, he is available. After this, he goes to Leanne’s old bedroom in the Turner house and finds the box that had arrived the previous day. He opens it, along with the secret compartment and examines the contents, taking out a lighter and placing it into his pocket. He then hears music and sees Leanne’s door is set ajar. He ascends the staircase.

He tells Leanne that he sees through the story of her lowering him up there, and is happy to sit and talk with her as she requested. He hears how Angela reminds her of her mother and later Julian hear’s how George and May Markham are Leanne’s chosen family, not blood relatives to her or her mother. Julian shows Leanne a picture of her as a baby in the arms of her mother and hears Leanne remark that it looks like her mother is about to drop her. Julian disputes Leanne’s claim that she thought Dorothy would be better than her mother and was mistaken. Julian claims that Jericho’s death was a mistake and adds that he may be to blame for it, not Dorothy. He plays a voicemail clip that shows Dorothy pleaded for Julian to come over when she was struggling to care for Jericho but he did not. He says to Leanne he did not go over as his dealer had got a hold of a good score.

Later, Julian and Leanne begin to kiss and this escalates into more intimacy. As they do this, Julian begins to cry and is comforted by Leanne. He lays beside her asleep later as George enters, unaware of what is happening.


Julian is outside in his car along with Frank and Kourtney, going over the plan about Jericho and how he may be returned. He gets angry with his father for his negative reaction to the situation, and with Kourtney the her lack of understanding and knowledge. They get out of the car and go into the Turner house for Christmas Eve dinner.

They enter the house and get ready for dinner. At the table, Julian breaks the silence by pouring a drink for everyone. Julian is shocked to see Sean say a prayer at the table and starts to confront Sean about this, as well as his father. After this, Julian’s phone continues to go off which he ignores. When Leanne asks Julian to pass her the potatoes, Julian leaves the table to snort drugs in the bathroom and sees missed calls from Natalie. Going into the kitchen, he prepares himself a drink and is interrupted by Leanne. She asks him about events the previous night and he says it was a mistake he made and he apologises. She does not apologise and begins to approach Julian again, before he walks away.

He is playing charades with Frank and Kourtney, pacing in front of the fireplace. His frustration grows when he cannot guess the charade Kourtney is performing, and begins to shout. Dorothy and Sean and enter and Julian’s sister gets the charade straight away. He leaves the room to go to the bathroom. He begins to snort drugs while listening to voicemail messages from Natalie. While doing so, he becomes disoriented and collapses in the bathroom, not breathing. Kourtney opens the bathroom door worried about him, and he collapses to the floor on the hallway. Despite efforts by Sean to resuscitate him, he does not. Leanne eventually is able to do so and Julian stares at her, breathing heavily, across the hallway. He says he saw him, and believes he is doing okay.

Julian is loaded into the ambulance and taken to hospital.


Julian is at the Turner house, watching on as they feed Jericho baby food for the first time. As Leanne worries about the cult coming to the Turners again, Julian comments that they would be easy to distinguish. Later, he is exercising in the living room and is asked by Sean if Vera - Julian’s partner who he met in rehab - would be coming to the shore which Julian confirms is the case. Natalie has separated with Julian while he was in rehab. He is also asked by Sean if he can take Leanne and Jericho on their walk to the park which is reluctantly has to agree to as Sean leaves to run his errands.

As they walk down the street, Julian addresses his physical relationship with Leanne and tells her that he wants to stop that due to it being strange and - according to Leanne - him wanting to be a better person. He listens as Leanne expresses her dismay for Julian pretending to be something he is not. They carry on walking and Julian sees Leanne go across the road and forcibly turns old man around so she can see his identity. Julian is shocked at this and pays the old man, and goes after Leanne who is on her way home. As he approaches the steps to the Turner house, part of the house collapses just in front of him, narrowly missing him. Before he goes in, a van with gym equipment arrives and he uses an exercise bike while watching TV. He tells a shocked Sean how this bike could help the family, and informs him they didn’t make it even close to the park.

The next day, Julian and Vera arrive at the Turner house ready for their trip to the shore. He sings a song with Dorothy which is a Turner family tradition before a holiday. As Leanne doesn’t want to go on the trip, Julian concedes it would be a tight squeeze in the car if she did go and the traffic is building up every second they wait. He goes with the Turners to the shore and while there he is attacked by seagulls, where he receives facial injuries. He returns home with Turners after Leanne reports the house being burgled.


After the Turners have a new surveillance system fitted in their house, Julian goes over the house with Vera to help monitor the system while Dorothy has guests over for the comfort of Leanne. During this, a parent that visited Dorothy goes into Leanne’s bedroom. Julian and Vera confront them, where they say they needed some privacy to be with their child. Julian beckons the parent downstairs to avoid further confrontation. Later, after a wasp nest collapses in the chimney setting wasps loose in the house, Julian wonders if Leanne caused this due to not wanting to see Dorothy with Leanne’s baby.

Finding the truth[]

Julian arrives at the Turner house, having a flashback of the day he arrived there on a rainy day, finding his infant nephew deceased and Dorothy on the floor. Snapping out of this, he chats with Vera about the possibility of Jericho not being Dorothy’s baby and that Leanne may not be happy with another woman having her baby. Julian thinks about this, and eventually says to Sean in the kitchen before his walk with Leanne that he thinks they should do a test to see whose baby Jericho is and to give the Turners some legal standing. Sean disagrees and Leanne interrupts the conversation leaving Julia to think about it more.

Having thought about it longer, Julian still believes testing is a good idea and meets with Roscoe to discuss it. They meet at an outdoor gym and Roscoe is initially unsure why he is there. Julian poses to him his plan, to which Roscoe initially is unsure but reluctantly agrees. Julian has to accept the terms that he has to get the samples from Leanne and Jericho and give them to Roscoe who has a friend who can analyse them. Before going into the house to do so, he has a final conversation with Roscoe about the plan and has a flashback to the day he found Jericho deceased and where he phoned his father. Moving into the building, he sneaks into Jericho’s room while Leanne is out and takes some of the baby’s hair. He then searches the bathroom and then Leanne’s bedroom for hair from Leanne, but can’t find any. Leanne catches him in her room, and Julian has to come up with the story of how he wants to get back with her. While embracing, he yanks some of Leanne’s hair with the intent of pulling some out, but none does and Leanne pulls away. He is asked to leave by Leanne, but on the way downstairs has a chat with Vera where they consider getting some of Dorothy’s hair to at least prove the baby is not Dorothy’s. Getting some hair from a hairbrush on the table, Julian gives the two hair samples to Roscoe.

While at the Turners watching a report Dorothy filmed with Sean about homelessness in the area, Julian hears something at the front door and retrieves an envelope which contains the test results. Reading them, he discovers that Jericho is not Dorothy’s baby and tearfully says as much to Dorothy later. He is frustrated that Dorothy doesn’t believe him, and they are interrupted by a mother at the front door who collects a diaper bag from the Turners as well as a hair brush. Julian deduces that is the hair sample he tested from the mother, not from Dorothy, and the test results are thus null and void.

Growing misgivings[]

At the block party held by his elder sister and brother-in-law, he continues to express his misgivings about Leanne's motives and the true identity of the baby boy he is sure is not his nephew. When Dorothy decides to give Jericho his very first television debut, Julian tries to dissuade her from leaving it alone but fails. He has no luck trying to tell Sean what a bad idea showing Baby Jericho on national television, sure that May Markhem was watching.

Attending dinner[]

Julian attends the Turners’ dinner with Nancy and arrives promptly, eating food Sean is preparing much to his brother-in-law’s dismay. Julian also sees a text message pop-up on Sean’s device from Taylor from Gourmet Gauntlet. Julian tells Sean that it would be a bad idea to attend the TV show, citing that this may wake Dorothy up as she does not remember Sean’s first appearance on the show. He cites he found out about this opportunity for Sean from Dorothy. Before dinner starts, he asks that Dorothy break away from her conversation with Leanne to come downstairs to keep him company with Nancy.

Over dinner, Julian joins in with the conversation around the table and when Nancy raises Sean’s appearance on the last season of Gourmet Gauntlet - which Dorothy does not recall - Julian interjects that Dorothy has a bad memory and has forgotten a few Birthdays. After Nancy leaves after a heated conversation with Leanne, Julian finds Leanne in the backyard, asking her how she knew so much about Nancy and also confirms Leanne’s recollection of events from an online post. Julian obliges when Leanne asks him to teach her how to smoke marijuana.


Along with Sean and Dorothy, Julian watches Sean’s appearance on Gourmet Gauntlet Philadelphia and is less enthusiastic than others on it. Out in the backyard, Julian talks with Dorothy where he is told to stop sleeping with Leanne and to stay away from her. He says to Dorothy that the relationship is over with Leanne. Later, as Leanne is getting ready to leave, Julian arrives at the Turner house with Vera. He says to Dorothy that this is a bad idea to send Leanne away, further asking Dorothy if Leanne had a choice in this and if her opinion was asked. While he debates this with Dorothy, Vera takes Jericho out of the living room, allowing Leanne to say goodbye to him. During this debate, Julian makes derogatory comments about Vera and she walks into the living room, confronting Julian about those comments. As she is about to leave, Dorothy screams from the kitchen, after going in there to check on Jericho, where she is holding a reborn doll where Jericho had once been. Julian joins the Turners in searching for Jericho and checks the security cameras. As he wakes his way upstairs, he has an argument with Vera about their relationship and the problems she is facing. Julian tells her to protect herself far away from him. Later, after Vera leaves and Leanne returns revealing Jericho is in the nursery, Julian and Leanne talk about the relationship with Vera ending, where Leanne tells Julian he does not need to be fixed.

Keeping watch[]

Julian is in the kitchen with Sean, Leanne, and Jericho having breakfast. Dorothy enters and Julian quickly scrambles - alongside Leanne and Sean - to get Dorothy anything she needs. Alongside Sean, Julian also says that Frank will not be welcome in the house so long as Dorothy wants that. Julian watches as Dorothy apologizes to Leanne for her behavior, and discusses this with Sean later, where the pair agree to keep an eye on Dorothy to see if she is planning something as an apology is unexpected. Later, Leanne is in the bath with Julian and they discuss whether they feel Dorothy is telling the truth. Julian tells the story from Dorothy’s past which indicates that Dorothy rarely apologizes, and Leanne responds that it is time to put the past behind them. The next day, Julian is cycling on an exercise bike and goes to look out the window where he sees Dorothy and Leanne walking to the park where the homeless encampment is located.

One night soon after, Julian dresses up for a special dinner Dorothy wants to host for the household, where she is cooking a meal that Sean cooked for the family when they first moved in. At the table, Dorothy wants to open a wine bottle that belongs to her and Julian’s mother which Julian is against doing as he feels it is not a special occasion, citing it is just a Tuesday. Nonetheless, Dorothy is able to convince him and he is also assured by Leanne that he will not be allowed to relapse. When he drinks out of the wine, he says he tastes violence which was his mum’s favorite. That night, Julian is awoken by screaming which is Leanne and Dorothy at the top of the stairs. Julian and Sean tried to convince Dorothy to get her to hand over Jericho to them but she refuses. Julian watches on as the banister Dorothy is leaning against fails and she falls to the ground floor.

Pouring milk[]

Julian is at the Turner house at a time where Sean is trying to make amends with Dorothy after allowing Leanne to stay in the house. Julian watches Sean hang up a picture which is one of Dorothy’s favourites and as he prepares to help Sean with something else, he sees Leanne downstairs and meets her in the kitchen. He is asked to pour some milk and when he pours the glass three quarters full, Leanne asks him to carry on until the top. As he does so, Leanne puts her hand on heats and the milk begins to overflow onto the floor. Seeing Dorothy walking and walk out again after seeing this, Julian says he should go. As Leanne walks out saying he should go if that’s what he truly wants, he finishes the glass of milk. Later, Leanne go upstairs past Julian, saying she will be in her room. Julian reluctantly follows her and emerges later with her downstairs for a celebration dinner with his dad, Frank, Kourtney, and the Turners. As he watches Sean’s episode of Gourmet Gauntlet, Dorothy turns it over to a news report Isabelle is presenting. During this, the family - including Julian - witness Isabelle being shot in the head. Julian asks if they just saw her die.

Keeping watch[]

Julian is in the kitchen with Sean, Leanne, and Jericho having breakfast. Dorothy enters and Julian quickly scrambles - alongside Leanne and Sean - to get Dorothy anything she needs. Alongside Sean, Julian also says that Frank will not be welcome in the house so long as Dorothy wants that. Julian watches as Dorothy apologizes to Leanne for her behavior, and discusses this with Sean later, where the pair agree to keep an eye on Dorothy to see if she is planning something as an apology is unexpected. Later, Leanne is in the bath with Julian and they discuss whether they feel Dorothy is telling the truth. Julian tells the story from Dorothy’s past which indicates that Dorothy rarely apologizes, and Leanne responds that it is time to put the past behind them. The next day, Julian is cycling on an exercise bike and goes to look out the window where he sees Dorothy and Leanne walking to the park where the homeless encampment is located.

One night soon after, Julian dresses up for a special dinner Dorothy wants to host for the household, where she is cooking a meal that Sean cooked for the family when they first moved in. At the table, Dorothy wants to open a wine bottle that belongs to her and Julian’s mother which Julian is against doing as he feels it is not a special occasion, citing it is just a Tuesday. Nonetheless, Dorothy is able to convince him and he is also assured by Leanne that he will not be allowed to relapse. When he drinks out of the wine, he says he tastes violence which was his mum’s favorite. That night, Julian is awoken by screaming which is Leanne and Dorothy at the top of the stairs. Julian and Sean tried to convince Dorothy to get her to hand over Jericho to them but she refuses. Julian watches on as the banister Dorothy is leaning against fails and she falls to the ground floor.

Worry for his sister[]

Julian goes with Sean to collect Dorothy from rehab. When he gets back and Dorothy gets settled, he explains to Leanne how Dorothy could recover from her injuries, or more things could go wrong.[1]

Bed bugs[]

At the Turner house, Julian is asked by Leanne to make one of Dorothy’s favourite dishes, which Julian reluctantly agrees to, though citing it won’t be as good as Sean’s. He also says to Leanne that the pair shouldn’t be seeing each other any more. Later, with Sean out the house, he convinces his brother-in-law not to worry about Dorothy, knowing of the friction between her and Leanne. This friction is compounded when Julian talks to Leanne later about how she feels underappreciated, making comparisons to bed bugs. Julian is unsure as she leaves.

When it is established bed bugs are in the street and fumigators are outside, Julian goes to find someone to help them with their house, knowing how vulnerable Dorothy is and that she has been itching. He is initially unable to find someone to help, and is confronted by a person claiming that Leanne is shielding them.[2]


Julian removes Halloween decorations from his car and tells Sean why he dislikes Halloween as a holiday period. He also tells Sean that he has chosen to side with Leanne, pointing out how well Sean is doing since keeping Leanne around. On Halloween night, Julian is manning the house while the rest of the household are attending the Halloween party. Leanne speaks to him and he tells her that he can join her later. She responds that he doesn’t need to worry about her any more. He then berates Leanne for scaring a child unnecessarily.[3]

Choosing Leanne[]

Sean and Dorothy tell Julian of a plan to get rid of Leanne by hosting a party with neighbors, some of whom they feel are from The Church of the Lesser Saints. Julian argues they’ve tried this before and it has failed each time. Leanne is also his girlfriend and in a later argument with Sean, Julian wonders if his brother-in-law is on medication.[4]

Helping with a party[]

Julian speeds to the Turner house and get balloons out of the car. It’s the day of Jericho’s party, which is six months after his actual birthday due to Dorothy’s time in rehab.

At the party, Julian is confronted by Sean, angry at how he’s helping Leanne. Julian says Sean isn’t helping Dorothy by his attitude towards Leanne. Outside, to try to get Dorothy in the celebratory mood, Julian attempts to give her a party hat but she declines. After Julian claims Dorothy hates him, Dorothy says she could never hate him. Julian says he feels bad for Leanne after her troubled upbringing by her mother. Later, Julian can’t find candles for the cake and he searches for them with Leanne and Sean. They are interrupted by a goat who headbutts the glass door repeatedly. It then breaks the glass just as the handlers take it away. Julian drops the cake and then quickly picks it up. As Leanne leaves, Sean accuses Julian of being terrified of being alone, hence why he wants to stay with Leanne.

Julian goes outside with the cake and Leanne starts singing “Happy Birthday”. As this happens, an animal attacks Leanne and someone else falls over and is sick. Back inside, Sean raises with Julian the strange things that have been happening and Julian still doesn’t believe it. The pair continue to argue, throwing insults until they eventually begin a physical fight. As Julian and Sean fight in the living room, they stop as smoke begins to fill the room. They deduce that it is someone sacrificing Leanne and Julian rushes to save her, despite protests from Sean. When he arrives in Bev’s apartment to shield Leanne, he sees Bev is catatonic and then she collapses. Later, Julian apologises to Sean for the fight and is called inside by Leanne.[5]

A lack of voice[]

Julian gets out of bed while Leanne is still sleeping. Avoiding Sean, he goes into the camera room and is startled by Sean’s cardboard cut out from Gourmet Gauntlet. He reads a religious book that Sean kept which mentions a fall from grace, and Lucifer. Later, Julian brushes his teeth and the lights begin to flicker and there is mold on the wall. Julian is alarmed and is interrupted by Leanne who wants to dance with him. He reluctantly agrees to, but while he does he expresses his anger at Leanne for people getting hurt in the Turner house and what she is doing. He is told not to worry and is kissed by her. He is shocked that she bit him while doing so, and she leaves the room.

Later, Julian discusses with Sean the situation with Leanne. Things seem to go well when Leanne is happy, and badly when she is angry. Sean refers to this as “The Faustian Bargain”, a religious term. Julian scoffs at this idea and that Leanne has been reborn, but he coughs as he talks and then eventually can’t talk at all. He indicates to Sean on his phone whether Leanne did this to him. As they continue to talk about ways to get rid of Leanne, including methods that would normally deter other creatures like vampires and werewolves, the pair are interrupted. Roscoe sneaks up on them and leads them to George in another room who wants to tell the pair the truth about Leanne. He reveals details about his early life and then goes on to say Leanne is an ordinary girl and things that have happened to the Turners can easily be explained through logical means. George asks Julian and Sean for help in bringing Leanne back and the pair exit the room.

Later at dinner, the family sit and discuss how Dorothy loved meals with her mother and how Sean is considering cutting ties with Gourmet Gauntlet. This annoys Leanne and Julian - with his voice back - asks her why it matters to her, before she tells the Turners to be careful as she leaves the room.[6]

A Difficult Decision[]

Julian reads an article on speech loss which indicates it may correlate with stress, after George had told him that Leanne isn’t the cause of it. Leanne interrupts him and notices he is looking at psychiatric disorders. He tells her not to stay up late for him due to the amount of coffee he had that day. Later, Julian discusses the plan with Sean to take Leanne down to the tunnels to see George and the pair agree it is time to implement it. He interrupts Leanne as she is up a ladder standing out of the skylight in the attic, with the rain pouring. He tells her to get down and listens as she says the storm is all for her. Julian asks Leanne to come downstairs with him, but she declines, which leads to Julian and Sean reluctantly restraining her. As she tries to fight them off, they drop her and she is knocked out. They put her in a wheelchair and take her down into the tunnel to meet George and followers. A fire is lit and George tells Sean and Julian to leave. Julian tries to question why a fire is lit, but he eventually leaves with Sean.

He is sick in the kitchen over what they have just done, while Sean reassures him that they have finally achieved their goal. Later however, Julian hears a noise and realises something may have gone wrong. He advances with Sean towards the basement door as Sean picks up a knife. Julian pleads with him to put it down but Sean doesn’t. As Sean moves past the porch door, the glass smashes, sending Sean to the ground, accidentally stabbing himself in the chest with the knife. Julian rushes to his side and sees Leanne standing down the corridor. Julian apologises to her and pleads with her to call 911 for Sean. She moves aside and as he attempts to go through, Leanne pushes him down the basement stairs. Getting up and scared, he attempts to run but falls into the water in the basement. He is later wheeled away on a stretcher by paramedics.[7]

The Truth Will Out[]

A few days after being discharged, he and Sean await Dorothy in the family car; right where Jericho had died from overheat one year ago. As Sean tries to find a safer place by going to his father's place, Sean assures him that talking in the car may be best. Having completely blocked Jericho's premature death from her memory, Dorothy, naturally, is confused when Julian weeps and apologizes profusely for choosing drugs over her and his nephew when they needed him most. He plays the voicemail from her that he had saved out of remorse and regret, which confuses his sister further to what is going on. As Sean explains indirectly about the purpose of the reborn doll, Julian pleads once more for Dorothy to remember that unusually hot August summer of 2019. Once it all comes back to her, Dorothy, of course, lashes out in sheer rage and anguish at Julian by clawing his face. He and Sean come out of the car and comfort her.

Inside the house, Julian tells Sean that the reborn doll is back in Leanne's arms as opposed to the living, breathing infant. He and his brother-in-law desperately try to tell a thoroughly stunned Dorothy not to listen to anything Leanne says, as she is a psychopath who has been manipulating them ever since she came into their lives one year ago.

Putting a Stop to the Fallen One[]


  • Julian and his brother-in-law Sean share a taste for fine wines, which his late mother had as well.
  • He is the last one to snap out of Leanne's spell.


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