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Leanne Grayson is a young nanny hired by the Dorothy and Sean Turner to help care for their newborn child. She is portrayed by Nell Tiger Free in the Apple TV+ series Servant.


Meeting the Turners

Leanne Grayson is an eighteen year old woman who is hired by Dorothy and Sean Turner as a live-in nanny. Moving from Wisconsin to Philadelphia, Leanne's duties revolve around caring for the couple's son, Jericho.

After arriving at the Turner house, Leanne quickly forms a bond with Jericho and Dorothy, but Sean is not so welcoming. Although he agreed to hire her, Sean is not pleased to have an outsider in his house.

Leanne settles herself into a daily routine, caring for Jericho while Dorothy returns to work as a report for 8 News.

An unexpected guest

While Dorothy and Sean are out of the house, Leanne is alone taking care of Jericho. A woman named Wanda arrives at the house with her daughter Olivia, and she claims she got locked out of her house. She asks Leanne to keep an eye on her daughter while she sorts things out. Leanne plays games with Olivia while Wanda is out and when Wanda returns, she thanks Leanne for helping. Leanne later went to the house Wanda claims she was locked out of, to find Wanda did not live there at all.

When Wanda returns to the house later, she offers Leanne a job that pays more money but Leanne said she could not leave due to her responsibilities to the baby. She gives Olivia some lobster ice cream which sends her into anaphylactic shock. When she asks Wanda who sent her, she reveals it was Julian who set her the task of persuading Leanne to leave her position as nanny for the baby.

Searching for answers

Leanne wants to know what happened to Jericho that caused trauma to the Turner family, and she wants to hear it from the Turners themselves. When Julian comes to the house when Sean and Dorothy go on a date, Leanne asks him if he was there when Jericho died which unnerves him.

When it is just her and Julian alone in the house when Sean and Dorothy go to an awards dinner, Julian tells Leanne everything about Jericho and the history with the Turner family.

Leanne later confronts Sean about this, asking why he stayed with her after she did what she did with Jericho.

Her family

One day while at the Turner house, Leanne receives a letter addressed to her in the mail that simply reads "Found you". Shortly after, her uncle George arrives in an effort to take her away. Dorothy enters and attempts to persuade George to allow Leanne to stay. Leanne remains conflicted. After offering Leanne a new contract with slightly increased pay, Leanne does decide to stay much to the dismay of George who leaves the Turner house but continues to keep a watchful eye.

At Jericho's baptism, George and Aunt May attended unexpectedly which frightened Leanne. She went to Jericho's room to try to find him, only to find May there holding the baby. She sees that May disagrees with what she is doing to the baby and to Dorothy and that she should get out. She is the cult's servant, not Dorothy's.

Later, Leanne packs her things and leaves the Turner house to join her Aunt and Uncle and other cult members. The baby is replaced with the Reborn Doll in the crib and the Turner home.

Making a call

The Turners are desperately looking for Leanne and Jericho, and Dorothy says this on an 8 News broadcast. Leanne calls Sean via his iPad, asking why Dorothy is looking for her. She also asks Sean why he has not told Dorothy what she did to her son.


Leanne is working at Mrs Moreno's house and the Turners have a lead that's where she is. They send Tobe to deliver pizza there, under the brand "Cheesus Crust", where he meets Leanne. Leanne wonders why he is there and walks away. Later, after Tobe leaves, she orders another pizza, thus inviting Tobe back. Leanne offers him to eat the pizza with her and she explains to him that she wanted to say goodbye to him, but she was scared he would talk her out of leaving.

After being asked why she left, Leanne explains that it was Dorothy who forced this decision, claiming that she is cruel, mean, and selfish. Leanne says the Mrs Moreno treats her very well, and she proceeds to tell Tobe that he must never tell the Turners where she is. After she finds out that they already know, she stands up but collapses, having been drugged by Dorothy using the pizza.


In an attic room within the Turner house, Leanne wakes up to see Dorothy bringing breakfast to her in bed. When she sees Dorothy, she says she has to leave and after being asked where Jericho is, she responds that she does not know. With this, she is told by Dorothy she will stay until she remembers. To pass the time in the room, Leanne unboxes an old clock which she puts beside her to tell the time. As well as this, she also lays out some Christmas decorations the Turners store in that room. A mannequin called Angela (whom Leanne refers to as Mrs Berrington) is in the room and Leanne dresses her up too.

While in the house, Dorothy brings breakfast up every morning, asking about Jericho. Leanne either does not answer or will not give the information. She cites that she used to pray for Dorothy, but not any more. Dorothy grows much more impatient with Leanne on the mornings she brings food up, telling Leanne she can make this stop when she wants to. On one morning Dorothy comes up, Leanne requests to speak to Sean which Dorothy does not allow.

Against Dorothy’s wishes, Leanne gets to talk with Sean after he finds the key to Leanne’s room. Leanne asks Sean why he has not told Dorothy what she did to Jericho, and Sean responds that she does not know what this would do to Dorothy if she remembered. After this visit, Leanne is visited by Sean frequently with extra food and to talk about the family and about Jericho. When Sean asks about Jericho, Leanne responds by asking who Sean is looking for. It is here she says that Jericho died. On another visit to Leanne’s room, Leanne hears Sean talk about that she only has to bring Jericho home, the Turner’s don’t need to know where he is. This is interrupted by Dorothy returning from work, prompting Sean to leave the room.

For a few nights at 2AM, Leanne is woken by Dorothy who assaults her. This begins with Dorothy entering her room, holding Leanne’s hand, and bending her wrist until Leanne is in a lot of pain. This escalates on another day into Dorothy dragging Leanne out of her bed by her hair and strangling her, leaving the room with Leanne gasping for air. After another assault, Leanne becomes wise to this and places Angela in her bed to confuse Dorothy. With Dorothy distracted, Leanne hits her over the head and runs for the front door trying to escape. Unable to do so, Dorothy hits her over the the head and buries her in the debris in the basement. She is rescued and comforted by Sean and after a however is escorted to her room by Sean, where Leanne reveals that she is aware that Sean can feel. Julian

In the kitchen, Julian and Sean discuss Leanne being held at the Turner house and Julian reaffirms to Sean but they are not the bad guys in this situation. Over dinner, Julian, Dorothy and Sean discuss the situation with Leanne and he recommends he get involved in interrogating George as he doesn’t let his emotions get in the way. He also offers to play ‘bad cop’ with Leanne which Dorothy declines.

Her special skill

Leanne is sat in front of Angela, telling her that her name is Leanne Grayson and her specialist skill is baking cakes, repeating this over and over. She hears loud music playing downstairs and goes through her door to her room that is ajar, entering the kitchen to see Dorothy cooking. She hears Dorothy explain to her that parent Sean thought it might be nice for her to get out and about every day. Leanne is surprised to see Tobe joining them for breakfast, and sits at the table with him and Dorothy. She declines food that Dorothy offers. Tobe thinks it would be a good idea to take Leanne out to celebrate when all this is over, which Leanne smiles about.

When she is led back up to her room, Leanne turns down help for her wounds from Dorothy. While in her room, she writes a shopping list and recipe for a cake she wants to make. Later, Leanne is frustrated when Sean enters her room at 10:45 despite being told that she can go downstairs between 9 and 10am. She pushes past Sean and goes to get her ingredients ready, and then asks Sean for other ingredients she needs. When Sean answers that he is pressed for time, she suggests he asks Tobe. Back in her room, she struggles to put a dress on Angela and when Dorothy goes up to Leanne’s room, she could not believe Leanne had taken the dress.

Tobe brings the ingredients over and Leanne asks him if he will help her make the cake. He agrees to do this and Julian keeps watch on them while Sean and Dorothy go to pay the ransom. The pair begin to make a King cake which Leanne was taught to make by her mother which she was told she could use at her pageants. Her mother said it could be Leanne’s special skill as she did not have any others. Leanne never won any pageants and the cake was something that involved her mother a lot. Sundays were the only days her mother got out of bed and if there was any brandy left, she would use it in practice for glazing. Depending on if Leanne did well in pageants, she got to put the small plastic baby on the cake but she only got to do this four times. Tobe does this on this occasion. When it was time to eat the cake, Leanne’s mother would dress up in her best dress and she would always be the special one due to her always finding the baby. Leanne always had to say to her mother “you’re the special one” when she found the baby. Leanne responds that her mother is burning when Tobe asks where she is.

While washing dishes, Julian comes in and when he asks where Tobe is, she responds that he left. Julian escorts her upstairs, where before this Leanne wants to make sure he takes the cake out of the oven and glazes it. After Julia leaves the room, Tobe comes out from the back and sits with Leanne on the bed. Julian rushes back into the room later, sending Tobe out, after finding out that someone had accessed Sean’s computer to have the small plastic baby delivered. Julian asks her why she would do this to Dorothy, and she responds that she was to see Dorothy get what she deserves. With Julian preoccupied, Leanne is able to retrieve the cake. She eats it quickly in front of Angela, eventually finding the baby and holding it up to the mannequin.

Attempting to flee

When George enters the Turner house, he shouts Leanne’s name. While Sean and George talk, Leanne is in her room and is greeted by Dorothy who tells her that her uncle is here which Leanne does not believe. While in her bedroom, she listens to a conversation between Sean and George about her and her association with her uncle and the group they are part of.

Later, Sean goes to speak with Leanne to tell her plan to fix the situation by taking Leanne back to Mrs Moreno’s house. She says that she does not believe Jericho can come home and that it is not nice to talk about other people behind their backs. He notes George said they can fix things if Leanne is returned, but she does not believe her uncle.

Leanne waits by the front door with Sean and before they leave, she requests that she be taken far away from her family. After some considerable thought, Sean promises to do this and before they leave, they notice a news report on the television discussing gun shots at Mrs Moreno’s house. Leanne tenses and stares at the screen despite Dorothy, Julian, and George entering the room.

A mistake

Leanne stares at the television, shocked at what she is seeing. She leaves the room with Sean following and goes up to her room, packing things. She is asked by Sean to tell him what happened at the Marino place, to which she responded that she should never have come here and it was a mistake. She says they were a family just like the Turners, and that someone read the signs and tells followers where to go. Leanne disobeyed him, breaking the rules. While hunting around the room, she finds a crop and begins to beat herself with it.

Later, she listens through the floorboards and hears Dorothy say that the incident at the Marino house is a triple homicide. After this, Leanne finds a note with “” written on it. She later watches a video of Sergio Marino, a 10 year old boy currently missing, recording a video about a video game. He invites Leanne into the video and she is reluctant to do so, but eventually does. While the video plays in the background, she makes a lot of crosses, similar to the one she made when she first entered the Turner house to care for Jericho. The video later shows Leanne serving a healthy meal for Sergio which he initially refuses. They then play in the house before being interrupted by Mr Marino who Leanne apologizes to, but he says it’s not a problem - he is glad Sergio is having fun.

When Officer Reyes came into the room later, Leanne concealed herself in there but came out after she left. As time passed, Leanne went downstairs clutching a bible and turned on the TV. She was distraught to find Sergio’s body had been found. She goes back to her room and tears down all her crosses she made and finds the crop again. She snaps it in half, and the window above her room shatters.

Breaking the rules

Leanne is in her room pacing, watching an old news report of when she met Dorothy as a child. She later hears Julian say that he is available to talk with her and eventually leaves her door ajar and plays music, and Julian comes into her room. She wants to talk with him and they discuss how Angela reminds her of her mother.

She also reveals that she is not a blood relative of George and May. They are instead her chosen family who God sent to her and she has been given a second chance. After revealing music was always taught to her as a dark temptation, she is shown pictures of her as a baby in her mother’s arms, and Leanne thinks that it looks like her mother wants to drop her. She reveals to Julian that she always thought Dorothy was the perfect, kind mother but she was wrong about that. When Julian shows her voicemail which shows he did not go to Dorothy’s house to help with a crying Jericho in her time of need, Leanne asks why he is showing her this, whether it is to change her view of Dorothy which Julian says is not the case.

Leanne, in response to this, tells Julian that she destroyed a green dress really liked by her mother and put it on the burner. A fire group that she was not scared at all and her aunt and uncle had explained to her that this was God working through her. If this was the case, she did not want anything to do with God.

Later, Leanne and Julian continue to be intimate and while doing this, Julian begins to cry and Leanne comforts him. Lying in bed next to each other, George comes in wielding a knife which Leanne questions, saying she thought George loved her. She knocks a candle over, setting the floor on fire, saying everyone has lied to her. George runs away and the fire is put out. Leanne goes to the window to see George run into the street, and get hit by a car.

Christmas Eve

Leanne is in her room and Dorothy enters looking for George. Leanne confirms that George left the previous night, and as Dorothy leaves, she continues decorating her room for Christmas. Later, she makes her way downstairs and encounters Julian in the hallway, who promptly turns away. She then makes her way into the kitchen to meet Sean, and she mentions that Dorothy is expecting Jericho back today. After Sean says there is evidence to say this may happen, Leanne asks what Dorothy would do if she was not reunited with Jericho that day.

At the dinner table, Leanne eats her food. When she asks Julian to give her the potatoes, he leaves the table and Leanne is confused. She later encounters him in the kitchen and talks about the previous night. When Julian apologizes and says it was a mistake, Leanne argues that it made her feel powerful and she can take away his pain again. Julian then leaves the kitchen.

Later in the evening, coming down from Jericho’s room, she sees Julian on the hallway floor not breathing. She does something to him, followed by kissing him, which causes him to wake up. She justifies this to him by telling him that he was not breathing.

After this, she goes to the basement to see baby clothes and a noose tied. She then goes to Jericho’s room to see Dorothy standing over his crib. Leanne is shocked to hear that Dorothy would end her life to be with her son.

Reunion ritual

Holding the reborn doll, Leanne is looking out the window and sees a figure approaching the Turner house. Later, Sean comes upstairs with a Betamax player, saying that it is Aunt Josephine. She begs Sean to not leave her alone with her aunt but is too late as her aunt ascends the stairs and greets her. In the attic, Josephine and Leanne discuss what Leanne has done. Leanne says she wants to stay with the Taylor family, but her answers that is not an option as she does not belong there, and the Turners do not love Leanne.

Later, they play the Betamax tape that had arrived at the Turner house earlier. It features Uncle Frederick who talks about something called the “Reunion ritual” which helps return lost souls to the light. Leanne is shocked to see the steps of this ritual, and the mutilation it requires. She prays after this, repeating words Josephine says. When asked to say she will forget Dorothy Turner, Leanne refuses, much to the dismay of Josephine. Leanne attempts to run, but Josephine stops her, splashing oil into her eyes causing distorted vision. Leanne eventually makes her way down into the kitchen and picks up a knife, while “Pennies From Heaven” plays. She runs to the front door to find it is locked, should so she goes down to the basement to hide and wash her eyes.

She interrupted while washing her eyes by Josephine and Leanne hides. She makes her way to the basement door to try to escape but it is locked and Josephine is able to drag her to the ground. Josephine cuts into Leanne’s right arm causing Leanne great pain and before her left arm can be cut, oratory arrives and knocks out Josephine with a shovel. As Dorothy prefers to go and get Sean to help, the answers to Dorothy that Josephine wanted Dorothy to believe Jericho was dead and that Leanne can bring him back to her. After Dorothy leaves, Leanne says to Josephine that Dorothy protected her and Leanne proceeds to heat up the blade. She is again interrupted by Josephine who attacks her and while pinned down, Leanne removes Josephine’s veil which shocks her aunt, distracting her enough for Leanne to hit away. With Josephine crawling on the floor and putting her veil back on, Leanne stands above her with the heated blade and stabs Josephine in the eye.

Later, Leanne is in Jericho’s room comforting a live baby with a nursery rhyme. Dorothy and Sean pick this up on the baby monitor, and they rush in. Leanne presents the baby to them and while they comfort the baby in their bedroom, Leanne sits on her bed saying she doesn’t know why she does bad things and she can feel the darkness rising within her. With this, the lights go out in the street, and Leanne acknowledges that killing Josephine - and placing her charred remains between two walls in the Turner house - has started a war and she knows they are coming for her but she will be ready.

Interesting trivia

  • Leanne is religious, praying nightly and keeping a wooden cross that she puts above Jericho's crib.
  • Leanne's favorite food is apparently soup, as she eats the meal for dinner every night.