"And what about you, Leanne? What do you see yourself doing? Longterm, I mean. What is your goal in life?"
"I think one day I'd like to be happily married and raise my own children."

Dorothy and Leanne, "Reborn"

Leanne Grayson is a young nanny hired by the Dorothy and Sean Turner to help care for their newborn child. She is portrayed by Nell Tiger Free in the Apple TV+ series Servant.


Meeting the Turners

Leanne Grayson is an eighteen year old woman who is hired by Dorothy and Sean Turner as a live-in nanny. Moving from Wisconsin to Philadelphia, Leanne's duties revolve around caring for the couple's son, Jericho.

After arriving at the Turner house, Leanne quickly forms a bond with Jericho and Dorothy, but Sean is not so welcoming. Although he agreed to hire her, Sean is not pleased to have an outsider in his house.

Leanne settles herself into a daily routine, caring for Jericho while Dorothy returns to work as a report for 8 News.

An unexpected guest

While Dorothy and Sean are out of the house, Leanne is alone taking care of Jericho. A woman named Wanda arrives at the house with her daughter Olivia, and she claims she got locked out of her house. She asks Leanne to keep an eye on her daughter while she sorts things out. Leanne plays games with Olivia while Wanda is out and when Wanda returns, she thanks Leanne for helping. Leanne later went to the house Wanda claims she was locked out of, to find Wanda did not live there at all.

When Wanda returns to the house later, she offers Leanne a job that pays more money but Leanne said she could not leave due to her responsibilities to the baby. She gives Olivia some lobster ice cream which sends her into anaphylactic shock. When she asks Wanda who sent her, she reveals it was Julian who set her the task of persuading Leanne to leave her position as nanny for the baby.

Searching for answers

Leanne wants to know what happened to Jericho that caused trauma to the Turner family, and she wants to hear it from the Turners themselves. When Julian comes to the house when Sean and Dorothy go on a date, Leanne asks him if he was there when Jericho died which unnerves him.

When it is just her and Julian alone in the house when Sean and Dorothy go to an awards dinner, Julian tells Leanne everything about Jericho and the history with the Turner family.

Leanne later confronts Sean about this, asking why he stayed with her after she did what she did with Jericho.

Her family

One day while at the Turner house, Leanne receives a letter addressed to her in the mail that simply reads "Found you". Shortly after, her uncle George arrives in an effort to take her away. Dorothy enters and attempts to persuade George to allow Leanne to stay. Leanne remains conflicted. After offering Leanne a new contract with slightly increased pay, Leanne does decide to stay much to the dismay of George who leaves the Turner house but continues to keep a watchful eye.

At Jericho's baptism, George and Aunt May attended unexpectedly which frightened Leanne. She went to Jericho's room to try to find him, only to find May there holding the baby. She sees that May disagrees with what she is doing to the baby and to Dorothy and that she should get out. She is the cult's servant, not Dorothy's.

Later, Leanne packs her things and leaves the Turner house to join her Aunt and Uncle and other cult members. The baby is replaced with the Reborn Doll in the crib and the Turner home.

Making a call

The Turners are desperately looking for Leanne and Jericho, and Dorothy says this on an 8 News broadcast. Leanne calls Sean via his iPad, asking why Dorothy is looking for her. She also asks Sean why he has not told Dorothy what she did to her son.


Leanne is working at Mrs Moreno's house and the Turners have a lead that's where she is. They send Tobe to deliver pizza there, under the brand "Cheesus Crust", where he meets Leanne. Leanne wonders why he is there and walks away. Later, after Tobe leaves, she orders another pizza, thus inviting Tobe back. Leanne offers him to eat the pizza with her and she explains to him that she wanted to say goodbye to him, but she was scared he would talk her out of leaving.

After being asked why she left, Leanne explains that it was Dorothy who forced this decision, claiming that she is cruel, mean, and selfish. Leanne says the Mrs Moreno treats her very well, and she proceeds to tell Tobe that he must never tell the Turners where she is. After she finds out that they already know, she stands up but collapses, having been drugged by Dorothy using the pizza.

Interesting trivia

  • Leanne is religious, praying nightly and keeping a wooden cross that she puts above Jericho's crib.
  • Leanne's favorite food is apparently soup, as she eats the meal for dinner every night.
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