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Loveshack is the eighteenth episode of Servant. It debuted on 5 March, 2021, on Apple TV+, as the eighth episode of season 2.


Julian is a sleep in a chair and it awoken. He sneaks into another room and opens a laptop, and begins to research Leanne, ignoring a phone call from Dorothy. Meanwhile, Leanne is in her room pacing, watching an old news report where Dorothy Interviews her. George is also painting a symbol on a wall. Sean and Dorothy are downstairs preparing breakfast for George and they take it up to him. Julian finds articles on Leanne and her family, while George begins sharpening a knife while crying. He is interrupted by Dorothy and hides the knife. He guarantees to her that the reunion will happen after she tells him that the Betamax tape is on the way, despite the snowy weather.

Sean is in the bathroom and sees Dorothy lead George out to his grill for a yet undefined reason. Julian is printing off articles relating to Leanne, and goes to her door and tells her that he was at what was left of her house and offers her the chance to talk to him. He goes into Leanne’s old bedroom in the Turner house and finds the box that was delivered the previous day under the bed. Lifting out the secret hatch, he begins to examine the contents and puts a lighter into his pocket. He then begins to hear music and sees Leanne’s door ajar - he enters the room. He sees through Leanne’s idea of luring him up there and they begin talking. Leanne talks about how Angela reminds her of her mother.

At the front door, Dorothy greets Roscoe who claims to be an old friend of Sean’s. They sit in a snowy backyard where Sean reveals who Roscoe is - an undercover investigator hired by Sean and Julian to investigate Leanne. Dorothy is appalled by this, knowing this was kept secret from her. She grills Roscoe on any information she has about Leanne and Jericho, where he reveals to Dorothy details on Leanne’s house. Meanwhile, George is collecting supplies and notices research about Leanne on the table. Later, with Dorothy coming over unwell, Roscoe volunteers to get Dorothy a drink and while doing so, he sees George enter the basement.

In the attic, Julian and Leanne discuss her past and Leanne reveals that her mum is not related to George and May and that they are her chosen family. God sent them to Leanne and gave her a second chance. Leanne reveals that listening to music was always taught to her as being a dark temptation which she never saw. Julian shows Leanne pictures of her mother holding her, and Leanne comments that it looks like her mother is about to drop her. She always thought Dorothy was the perfect mother, the complete opposite to her mother. She reveals that she was wrong about Dorothy however. Julian reveals to Leanne that it is on him for Jericho’s death, he is to blame.

Roscoe returns with a drink for Dorothy, while George prepares a pile of objects in the hole in the basement that Leanne was buried in. He begins to chant at the pile. In the attic, Julian plays a voicemail clip of Dorothy from before Jericho passed away where she reveals that she is struggling and wants Julian to come over. He reveals to Leanne that he didn’t come over due to his dealer coming on to a great score. He wonders though what would have happened if he did go over. Leanne asks him when he is telling her this, to which he responds that when something happens which you pretend didn’t, it eats at your insides. Leanne responds that she destroyed a green dress that her mother liked and put it on the burner and a fire started growing - she was not scared at all. Her aunt and uncle had told her that it was God working through her, and the terrible things happen for a reason. She didn’t want anything to do with God if that was the case.

Dorothy and Sean attempt to go into the house but Roscoe stops them, revealing that George told him to keep the Turners outside until sunset. Dorothy pushes past him and meets George on the stairs, who says that the preparation is done alone and the reunion will still happen. Dorothy agrees to this and walks away. Roscoe is escorted out by Sean and the investigator tells Sean that things are changing for the better for him for reasons he can’t explain, but they happened since he met George. When George asked him to help him, he had to say yes. He believes the people like George are special.

In the attic, Leanne kisses Julian and she says she is not supposed to do that as anything that feels good is dangerous. They continue being intimate and while doing so, George is in one of the bedrooms beating his head against the wall while the song “Love Shack” is playing. Sean looks at his hand and is shocked by how it looks, and George is now outside heating up an implement in the grill. He takes some meet out the freezer and moves upstairs with it, not before being distracted by the TV. He stabs the meat with the knife. Leanne and Julian continue to be intimate and Julian begins to cry while doing this - Leanne comforts him.

George comes upstairs to the attic room and he sees Leanne lying beside Julian. Leanne asks him if he intends to hurt her, and further says she thought he loved her, and that everybody lies to her. She knocks a candle over and George falls backwards, saying that she will come for Leanne, confirming he does not mean May Markham. The fire stops naturally around Leanne, and George runs outside. Leanne watches through the window as he runs into the street, where he is hit by a car.





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