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"Pizza" is the thirteenth episode of Servant. It debuted on 29 January, 2021, on Apple TV+, as the third episode of season 2.


The Past

Dorothy, while pregnant with Jericho, crawls up the steps of the Turner house in a lot of pain. Later, while talking to a doctor, Dorothy learns she will have to spend the next month in bed with no physical exercise at all due to a condition involving her placenta. The doctor warns her that if her feet touch the ground, she will have to go to the hospital which Dorothy does not want to due to her past experiences there.

8 News is on the TV with Walker Rousch hosting, and Dorothy phones in to let her colleagues know how she is, such as how she has to put her feet up to recover. She also thanks viewers for her gifts she received. Afterwards, Dorothy gets impatient and asks Sean if he can carry her downstairs as her feet would not be touching the ground. Sean does not do this, instead making her lay in bed.

While in bed, the fire alarm goes off at the Turner house and Dorothy is unable to reach Sean and the fire brigade will not come. With this, Dorothy gets out of bed and starts going down the stairs, but slips over and is in pain. She puts out the fire just as Sean walks in.

The Present

Dorothy is crawling on hysterical and she has a flashback to her pregnancy with Jericho last year. Sean, Dorothy, and Julian are investigating sightings of Leanne, working through a list of locations to check. Sean returns with no luck finding Leanne, with one being a close likeness to her but is not the person. Dorothy checks in on Julian who is currently parked outside a big property, which causes suspicion from the Turners, especially Dorothy, as to who would live in such a place and why. A note is delivered to the residence which Julian checks out, but it turns out to be a take-out menu.

Later at the Turner house, Sean and Dorothy argue as to the best way forwards and Sean is able to convince Dorothy that they need a plan - they cannot just go to the property and shout. The next day, Sean goes to the property and a grocery van leaves which Dorothy deduces means the residents are home and have mouths to feed. With this, Sean, Dorothy, and Julian decide to start up a fast food pizza and pie business to try to get into the house called "Cheesus Crust". They print leaflets and Julian drops one off at the house and the surrounding neighbours so not to draw suspicion.

They get an order but from a different address, much to the frustration of Dorothy. Sean enlists Tobe to help prepare the food and while doing so, Dorothy takes the order from the residence they want. Julian comes from the opera to help plan the delivery. As Julian isn't dressed for the role, Tobe is given a secret camera and does the delivery himself, while being watched by the Turners.

Tobe pulls up at the residence and goes inside to meet a lot of children running around. In order to get paid, the children direct him upstairs. When he goes upstairs, Tobe meets Leanne who is shocked to see him and asks why he is here. She walks away and Tobe enters a room with someone ill in bed. She pays Tobe and he leaves. Dorothy runs outside and wants to go to the house to confront Leanne, but Sean is able to convince her not to as they could jeopardise bringing Jericho home - they need Leanne to bring Jericho to them.

Not long after Tobe leaves, another order is placed at the same address. Dorothy prepares the pizza this time and Sean lets her as he knows Dorothy wants to get involved. Tobe goes to the house again to deliver the pizza and this time Leanne answers. She offers Tobe the chance too join her to eat. He asks her why she is there and why she had to go, and she says she couldn't live with Dorothy for another day and that Dorothy is selfish, cruel, and mean. Dorothy leaves the room to compose herself and to make a pizza. Leanne asks Tobe to promise her he won't tell the Turners where she is, but she realises they already know. She gets up but collapses to the floor, and Dorothy reveals she drugged Leanne using the pizza. She calls Tobe and threatens him that if he does not bring Leanne home, she will phone the police on him.

Dorothy tastes the pizza, telling her brother and husband not to worry - she handled it.



Guest Starring


  • Bill Vargus
  • Yan Xi
  • Hudson Barry
  • Amy V. Morse