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"Ring" is the twenty-fourth episode of Servant. It debuted on 4 February, 2022, on Apple TV+, as the fourth episode of season 3.


Upstairs in the attic room of the Turner house, Leanne looks out of the window and sees homeless people on the grass looking up at her. She quickly closes the blinds, and is joined by Dorothy. Leanne and Dorothy are in dance clothing and begin practicing dances while listening to records. While dancing, Leanne noted that she is terrible at dancing, and her mother used to criticize her. Dorothy is called away by Sean due to the Safety guy being here. He assesses the Turner house for areas that could put Jericho at risk from trip hazards to electrical outlets and more. While in the hallway, Leanne views the safety guy from upstairs and Dorothy tells her to keep Jericho away. While in the kitchen, the safety guy suggests more things to keep Jericho safe - much to the dismay of Sean - and Leanne also says the family do not need any of this.

While in another room feeding Jericho, Dorothy reassures Leanne that the safety guy is nothing to worry about. She is also angry at Isabelle covering Spring at the Mansion for 8 News which Dorothy has been covering for eight years. Dorothy also wonders why Jericho isn’t taking a lot of milk and Leanne says Dorothy needs to drink more, which prompts a strict response. Later, Dorothy leaves and while Leanne watches her go from the front porch a man approaches Leanne who feels in the house to escape from him. Back in the house, Tobe and his girlfriend, Sylvia, arrive to help Sean with cooking. Sean is unsure if he needs Sylvia’s help and says he will consider her help in future. He decides Leanne can help him tomorrow with a catering job, while Dorothy takes care of Jericho. In the bedroom however, Dorothy receives a job covering murals locally and will be out all week. This puts an end to Leanne helping Sean which Dorothy then informs Leanne about later. Leanne asks Dorothy what time she will be home, and Leanne says it is not good for Jericho for Dorothy to be out late. Dorothy says to Leanne that the Turners can focus on Leanne’s goals, such as getting a high school degree without even needing to leave the house. Leanne responds that she only cares about this family.

In the kitchen, Leanne watches as Sean, Tobe, and Sylvia prepare food for the catering event. Leanne is shocked to see how Sylvia is talking to Tobe in such a dictatorial way, and Sean sends Tobe to the park to give the homeless people some food. Leanne asks Sylvia why she is so rude to Tobe, but is interrupted by a request from Sean. As Sylvia and Sean are preparing the food, Tobe returns saying the homeless people were not there and suggests they could have moved on. The doorbell rings and Leanne tends to the safety guy who arrives to make the adjustments to the house. Leanne tries to leave him to it, but he asks Leanne to stay with him and invites her to come away with him. She moves away from him quickly. Sean, Sylvia, and Tobe are busy preparing the food and Sylvia continues to talk to Tobe in an aggressive way. As Tobe goes outside to take the trash out, Leanne follows and explains her shock at how he is being spoken to. Leanne is interrupted by a phone call from Dorothy and puts on Dorothy’s broadcast on the TV. Leanne is called away by Jericho crying, the prepared food is being taken away by caterers, the safety guy wants help from Sean, and sauce is spilled on the floor. In amongst the chaos and Sylvia shouting at Tobe, she slips and slices her finger off on the candy hook. While searching for her finger, it is knocked in the incinerator in the sink and Tobe accidentally triggers it, leaving nothing but the ring. He faints right after.

Later, Julian arrives at the Turner house and grabs Sean to watch Dorothy’s news report. On the report, Dorothy lactates and runs away out of the shot. While watching, A distraught Dorothy returns home and Leanne hugs her while Sean and Julian watch. In Jericho’s room, Dorothy and Sean discuss what happens and Dorothy feels the universe is trying to hurt her and has a sense something is not right; hugs and Sean as she wonders what is wrong with her. Leanne puts Sylvia’s ring on the shelf and dances to her records, as several homeless people watch her from outside.



Guest Starring


  • Bill Vargus
  • Adams Desir
  • James and Jack Hoogerwerff
  • Caiden and Luka Ravenscroft
  • Cole and Austin Hillenmayer


  • The title is Sylvia's ring.
  1. In most parts of the US, the episode was actually available in prime time on Thursday, but the Apple TV app nevertheless maintained that it debuted on Friday. So the actual date of first stream was February 10, 2022.