"Sean creates recipes, Leanne. A consulting chef. He advises for some of the best restaurants in the city."
"I feed butter and cream to fat people."
"Don't be self deprecating, darling. People write articles about him. An extraordinary palette, they all say."

Dorothy to Leanne, "Reborn"

Sean Turner is Dorothy's husband and father to their newborn child. He is a famous experimental chef, who consults and advises some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia. He creates new culinary dishes, and has an extraordinary palette. Articles are written about Sean and his work. His wife, Dorothy, is proud of his standing and achievement, but Sean is more self deprecating, describing his work as feeding "butter and cream to fat people." He is portrayed by Toby Kebbell in the Apple TV+ series Servant.


New arrivals

After the birth of their child, Jericho, Sean is concerned that Dorothy is rushing to return to work as a reporter at 8 News. Sean and his brother-in-law Julian are on good terms with each other, both enjoying fine wines. As Sean works from his home, he sometimes employs Tobe as his commis chef. He pays cash for the day's work.

While he agreed to hire a live-in nanny, Leanne, he is not enthusiastic about the prospect of having her in their home. He is further horrified to see that the Reborn Doll that Dorothy was caring for had now become a real baby after Leanne had been at the house.

Sean becomes very suspicious about this, including where the baby came from and what it has to do with Leanne. He enlists Julian to help him solve this.

Growing suspicions

Sean grows more suspicious of Leanne as time goes on, and his work with Julian continues. Julian hires a private detective called Roscoe to investigate Leanne and her past. When Sean was looking for Leanne's application she provided when she applied for the job. Later when he could not find them. Instead, he stuck into Leanne's room and took a photo of her while she was sleeping and gave the photo to Roscoe and Julian to help with their investigations.

His suspicions of Leanne gain traction when Julian and Roscoe discover that Leanne's house burned down and they discover her gravestone. This leads them to believe she was living under a false identity.

When Sean and Dorothy leave the house one evening, he pays Tobe to stay and watch the house as he did not trust Leanne. On other occasions, Julian would also enter the house when Leanne was left there alone in order to keep a watchful eye. Sean does not know what Leanne is up to.

When Dorothy wants to take Jericho to work with her, Sean convinces her this is not the right thing to do as she doesn't like her colleagues showing off their newborn babies. He therefore tells Leanne the plan is off and she will not be attending work with Dorothy and Jericho. Despite him telling her this, when watching Dorothy's news report, he sees Leanne in the background and wonders why this is. He tells Dorothy of this when she returns, and Leanne explains that she took Jericho out for a walk but did not want to tell Dorothy where she was so not to disturb her. Sean is dubious of this reasoning.

Protecting his family

While out of town cooking for the Florida Eagles, Sean learns from Dorothy via video call that Leanne's uncle George has visited and is an uncomfortable presence. Sean urges her to escort George out of the building, but she does not. To be safe, Sean contacts Julian and asked him to join Dorothy, George, and Leanne for dinner to keep them safe.

Sean also wants to protect Dorothy from the truth about Jericho after liking seeing her so happy. When Natalie finds out about the 'real' baby Jericho, she wants to tell Dorothy the truth which Sean urges her not to do. With the help of Julian, at dinner with Natalie, Dorothy, and Leanne, they sield off questions from Natalie about Jericho.

After Leanne found out about the truth behind what happened to Jericho and Dorothy, Shaun tries to convince her that it was an accident and it happens to a lot of people. He reiterates this point when asked by Leanne why he stayed with Dorothy despite what she did.

At Jericho's baptism after event, Sean is confronted by George in the basement. George explains to Sean how the fire was a setup so Leanne could start a new life, allowing others to assume she was dead. George says Sean should pray to God and ask for what he needs, and Sean prays for his son to come back.

A lack of feeling

Not long after Leanne starts working for the Turners, Sean complains about a lack of taste and a lack of feeling.

This starts when Sean confronts Leanne about where the real baby came from when the new baby appears. Sean also destroys the woven cross above Jericho's bed. Later that evening, Sean and Dorothy inspect his buttock to find two splinters in there. Over dinner that evening, Sean also complains of the food being tasteless and begins coughing, and in the kitchen he finds there is a splinter in his throat.

This lack of taste continues on the summertime, with Sean having to use Tobe and Leanne to taste his food for him. A lack of feeling also develops at Jericho's baptism where he squeezed a champagne cork with glass still attached and noticed his hand was bleeding, yet he could not feel this. He tests this out again by placing his hand over a burning gas hob and the lack of feeling continued.

Finding his son

After Sean finishes testing his feeling, Dorothy enters and asks him if he knows where Jericho or Leanne are as they have vanished. After finding out Dorothy has phoned the police, Sean quickly removes all evidence of the baptism such as balloons and gifts in order to stop growing suspicion for them when the police arrived.

Sean is in Jericho's room and a police officer enters who Sean recognizes from the day Jericho is discovered dead. He tells her the baby in the crib is not real and is Dorothy's. Later, when Julian and Natalie arrive, Sean discusses with Julian the plan and is shocked to see that Julian wants to not search for the baby and indeed wants to brush the police off. After the police leave, Sean watches footage which confirms May Markham attended the baptism and he wants to understand why and where they are. Julian aand Natalie say this is a bad idea but Sean wants to pursue this.

However, while he wants to pursue this, he doesn't want the rest of the community to know. So when Dorothy tasks him with delivering flyers searching for May Markham, Sean instead throws these in the trash. Upon returning, he and Dorothy watch a news report showing a The Church of the Lesser Saints follower claiming someone from the group revived someone. Dorothy does not believe this, but Sean begins to.

He enters Leanne's room later to see if he can find any clues and/or indications as to where she and Jericho might be. He finds a Bible and is shocked to see that his name is written on one of the pages, titled "The Test of Leprosy". He later questions Julian on The Church of the Lesser Saints and reveals he is keen to find out about them and find Jericho, before Dorothy let's the community know what has happened.

Sean later has an argument with Dorothy about his ability to be a father, and an embrace with Dorothy is interrupted by a letter containing a baby shoe and note saying "Tell no one, baby lives." Time passes and Sean takes the trash out. He notices the Reborn Doll in the trash and is later seen bathing the doll in the bath, as if the baby was real.

Making contact

In the kitchen, Sean cooks breakfast for Dorothy and discusses with Julian about Jericho. He dismisses Julian's notion about setting up a ransom to keep Dorothy occupied, and he says Julian should spend this time finding the baby.

While cooking another meal later, Roscoe knocks at the door asking to his car keys. Sean is perplexed as to where Roscoe has been having not been able to find him since the baptism. With this, Roscoe says he had been waiting in the car for just one night, after the baptism. Sean is confused by this. With Roscoe in the basement, Sean is happy to allow Dorothy to leave for work, much to the dismay of Julian, in order to show his brother-in-law what has happened to Roscoe.

Sean sees that Julian is confused and holds him back when he gets frustrated with Roscoe. He decides to call Natalie, which Julian disagrees with. Natalie arrives to hypnotize Roscoe and while she does this, Sean gets very agitated, asking for information very quickly. He ignores Natalie's calls for him to slow down and carries on. He is shocked to see that Roscoe indicates that the cult followers harm baby Jericho. Sean and Julian argue over this as Julian does not believe that claim, but he and Natalie do.

Having seen how much Roscoe went through, Sean sees him to the door, thanking him very much for doing what he did. After doing so, he walks into the living room to see Dorothy on television at the newsdesk making a plea for help in finding Leanne and reaching out for Leanne herself. Sean smiles at this and after helping Dorothy clean the dishes when she got back, he cooks while she showers. While cooking, Sean hears his iPad ringing and its Leanne asking why Dorothy is looking for her and why he has not told her what she did to Jericho. Sean walks into the kitchen doorway, looking forwards.

Having a plan

After helping Dorothy track down the various sightings of Leanne in their area, a house Julian is at sparks interest in Sean and Dorothy. A big house that is heavily secured and has deliveries of takeaway foods and groceries makes Sean and Dorothy very curious. Dorothy wants to go over to the house immediately, but Sean is able to convince her that the plan is needed first.

In order to get into the house, Sean works with Dorothy and Julian to devise a takeaway brand they can set up so the house places an order for them to give them access inside. After deciding on Julian's name of "Cheesus Crust", Sean and Tobe prepare the pizzas for when Tobe delivers them. Sean watches with Dorothy and Julian on the television as Tobe makes the delivery. After Tobe discovers Leanne there, Dorothy again wants to rush over there but Sean is able to convince her that the plan is needed - Leanne needs to bring the baby to them.

After finding out a new order has been placed, indicating Leanne wants to see Tobe again, Sean allows Dorothy to prepare the pizza as he knows she wants to get involved. As he watches the delivery of it on the TV, he wants to turn off the TV to cut-off Leanne, stopping Dorothy hearing the insults. After helping Dorothy prepare a pizza, they both re-enter the living room with the Leanne still talking to Tobe. Sean is mortified to see Leanne fall to the floor, having been drugged by Dorothy using the pizza.

Interesting trivia

  • Sean receives regular food deliveries from PA Provisions.
  • Sean maintains a well-stocked wine cellar.
  • Sean's kitchen includes a vintage 1950s Gaggia coffee machine. The machine is temperamental and only Sean can work it. Leanne is forbidden from touching it.
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