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Season 3 of Servant premiered on the twenty-first of January 2022, with ten more episodes as well. It is be followed by a fourth and final season.

Episodes 21-30

  1. Donkey
  2. Hive
  3. Hair
  4. Ring
  5. Tiger
  6. Fish
  7. Camp
  8. Donut
  9. Commitment
  10. Mama





  • Its opening theme shows Leanne holding the infant Jericho surrounded by members of the Church of Lesser Saints cult.
  • Natalie Gorman does not appear nor she is mentioned/
  • Josephine's decaying corpse is seen covered with moths.
  • The one true Jericho's spirit has finally returned to his earthly body and has begun eating more solid foods since his resurrection.
  • The Turners go enjoy themselves at the beach for a well-earned rest and relaxation
  • New and more unpredictable cult members are introduced
  • Leanne's ever developing supernatural abilities seem to gradually turn her toward the dark side
  • Some of the "homeless people" have defected the Church of the Lesser Saints cult and are called Snake and Bicycle.
  • Dorothy seems to be getting closer to the hard, painful truth that has been kept from since last summer.
  • It is implied that Baby Jericho becomes a reborn doll as Leanne's very presence seems to be keeping him alive.
  • Dorothy's increasingly fragile mental stability since the tragic turn of events in August 2019 almost gets her institutionalized at the behest of her own father. Dorothy attempts to leave her husband and younger brother behind to "start over with her infant child" but ends up suffering a large fall