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"Spaceman" is the twelfth episode of Servant. It debuted on 22 January, 2021, on Apple TV+, as the second episode of season 2.


Julian is asleep in bed at the Turner house and awakens, noticing a hole in the wall. He hears a bath running in in the adjoining bathroom and turns it off. After doing this, he then here's a baby crying and enters another room to find Dorothy watching videos of her and Leanne holding Jericho. When the footage of Leanne appears, Dorothy comments that she does not love him.

The doorbell rings, and a parcel is delivered to which Dorothy thinks is a parcel from those who took Jericho. It turns out to be a baby spacesuit that was ordered by Julian before the baptism. Dorothy comments that her stomach is tight which normally happens when Jericho cries which Julian dismisses. Julian dresses the Reborn doll in the spacesuit.

Roscoe wakes up in his car and attempts to drive away, but notices he does not have these keys. In the Turner house, Sean is cooking breakfast for Dorothy and Julian suggests making a ransom demand in order to keep Dorothy occupied which Sean disagrees with. He suggests to Julian that he should be putting this much effort into finding Jericho and followers of The Church of the Lesser Saints.

Later, Roscoe knocks on the door of the Turner house which causes suspicion from Sean who is in the kitchen cooking. He wants to find his keys and claims that he has only been in the car overnight from the baptism which shocks Sean. Dorothy watches a video of the cult group surrounding a member who is whipping himself at the behest of May Markham. After this, she gets ready for work as she is called in due to Melanie being off sick which Julian disagrees with, but is something Sean lets happen. When Dorothy leaves, Julian is very confused until Sean tells him they need her out of the house.

Julian and Sean questions Roscoe as to where he was and he claims the day is Monday, when in fact it is Friday which shocks Roscoe. Roscoe is worried about his family and after being asked, he remembers after the party being in the car and seeing a lady outside - he does not remember anything after that. Julian and Sean listened to a short video on Roscoe's phone which was recorded during the period he cannot remember. There, they hear Roscoe asking people to stop and Leanne saying that nothing bad will happen to him. Julian is furious with Roscoe, claiming he is hiding something. Sean decides it is best to bring in Natalie, much to Julian's dismay.

When Natalie arrives, they ask her to hypnotize Roscoe to get this information. While under hypnosis, he talks about his experiences. He was taken to a room with his hands were tied. They never left Philadelphia. Through garbled words, he claims they took out the eyes and threw them away.

While Natalie consoles Roscoe, Sean and Julian argue about whether Roscoe's experiences really happened. Meanwhile, Dorothy is being co-anchor on 8 News with Walker Rousch and talks to camera as if talking to a young child.

Later, Julian and Natalie talk about why he's searching for the baby so hard. Julian claims he is doing it for Dorothy, but Natalie believes it is because of something else. Julian comments he always wanted to go into deep space, and Natalie ends the conversation stating that Julian must believe in something in order to help himself.

Sean escorts Roscoe out the house and thanks him for doing what he did. Roscoe says he will not tell his family what happened, and will claim he was a job that went long that had patchy cellphone service. Sean enters the living room to see Dorothy on TV, where Dorothy, off-cue, put out a plea to viewers to find Leanne who has been missing for five days.

Dorothy arrives home and scrubs dishes, thinking she won't be invited back to the newsdesk soon and also noting that her stomach has settled, thinking Jericho is asleep which Sean agrees with. While Dorothy showers, Sean's iPad rings and it is Leanne asking why Dorothy is looking for her. While this happens, the water in the shower stops running and water seeps through the cracks in the basement floor. Leanne asks Sean why he hasn't told Dorothy what she did.



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