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"Tiger" is the twenty-fifth episode of Servant. It debuted on 18 February, 2022, on Apple TV+, as the fifth episode of season 3.


Leanne is in bed and is awoken by noises outside from people setting up a block party in the street. Going downstairs, Leanne sees the Turners getting ready for the block party with Sean cooking with Tobe and Dorothy getting things organized for the day. Sean comments on termite droppings in the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen, Julian knocks into a can of liquid nitrogen and also comments on the number of homeless people in the park and how the number has grown significantly. Leanne tentatively goes outside, holding Jericho, and takes in the block party in full swing around her. Dorothy gives Leanne and Julian a tour of the block party, and while doing so she sees Isabelle reporting on the fair which Dorothy had pitched to 8 News weeks ago. To get a bit of revenge, Dorothy takes Jericho off Leanne and moves toward Isabelle, much to the dismay of Julian. She tells Isabelle it would be great to get a statement from her and Dorothy takes Isabelle’s microphone off her and begins the news report herself with Jericho in her arms.

Julian sees Sean, telling him why it is a bad idea for Dorothy to go in front of the camera with Jericho. Sean tells Julian to lighten up and as the two discuss this, they are interrupted by Nancy, the minister Sean has been seeing for the last two months. Julian questions this, and asks if Dorothy has heard to which Sean responds that she has not yet. Leanne watches Dorothy’s news report and while doing so, she sees a homeless person walking and sitting with others eating food. This startles her and someone working on the Spring on Spruce party comments that Sean is aiming to feed the homeless but he needs to draw the line. Leanne asks the employee if she can ask the homeless people to leave and the employee duly does so. As Leanne walks towards a face painting booth, Roscoe appears from behind her. At the face painting booth, Leanne asks for a tiger and the person doing the painting begins work. While doing this, the person’s phone pings with a notification and they move away from Leanne. During this period, a finger rubs on Leanne’s head unbeknownst to Leanne, thinking it is the face painter’s finger. When Leanne realizes it was someone else who touched her, she moves out of the booth and goes on the hunt for who that mystery person is.

Pausing to have a drink, Leanne overhears Isabelle talking to someone about the Turners and tells them it is rude to talk about other people behind their backs. The person Isabelle was talking to says it is also rude to eavesdrop and walks away. They talk about Leanne’s accusation and Isabelle realizes Leanne is Jericho’s nanny and asks Leanne for her full name as she cannot remember. In doing so, Leanne reveals her identity, and Isabelle searches for Leanne on the Internet and finds a ‘Missing’ poster. Leanne watches on as Dorothy is working with children on fun activities, and is interrupted by Tobe who is no longer needed by Sean, and asks Leanne if she wants to go and do something. Meanwhile, Dorothy is approached by Nancy who introduces herself as Sean’s minister from Liberty Unitarian. Dorothy is dubious about this. At a party game booth, Leanne and Tobe discuss Sylvia where Tobe reveals Sylvia stopped talking to him after what happened to her. Leanne wins a cuddly llama from the booth and offers to give it to Tobe but says he will carry it for Leanne, wanting her to keep it. They both go on the moon-bounce and do other party activities together, including dancing.

In the Turner house, Sean is returning the can of liquid nitrogen to where it is supposed to go and receives a phone call from organizers at Gourmet Gauntlet who are doing a spinoff series and want to offer him an opportunity within that. As it is being explained to Sean, he hangs up the phone, remembering the last time he went a cooking show had cost him his infant son. He finds Dorothy in the party and the pair discuss Dorothy’s meeting with Nancy and hold Sean had not told Dorothy anything about it. He says Dorothy would have thought it a bad idea to which Dorothy agrees, but she values transparency in their relationship. In response to Sean telling Dorothy that she would like Nancy and should give her a chance, Dorothy says that she has already arranged a dinner with Nancy.

Leanne and Tobe continue dancing but Leanne interrupts this citing she is hungry. She goes down the block party looking for food booths still open and goes into one asking if they are open. She finds two people in a kitchen area with a dagger on a barbecue. Realizing what is happening, Leanne backs away as one of the people makes a lunge at Leanne with the dagger. She splashes boiling water on one of the people and runs outside, making her way to the Turner house. She makes her way in but one of her attackers blocks the door before she can close it. She falls to the ground and gets up again, running to the back door, still being chased. Out in the park, Leanne is surrounded by people. Later, she goes into the Turner house, clothes splashed with blood, and cleans up the floor. She later cleans the blood off her clothes and is interrupted by the Turners entering. Dorothy wonders what happened to Leanne, and Leanne says she was feeling tired and wants Jericho to have the llama. Leanne goes up to bed and Dorothy locks the back door, noticing blood on the handle. Looking in the mirror, Leanne has flashbacks off the attack and draws streaks of blood down the front of her face.



Guest Starring


  • James and Jack Hoogerwerff
  • Cole and Austin Hillenmayer
  • C. Wildhandel
  • Jules Willcox
  • Khalil McMillan
  • Matt McKenna
  • Jennifer Russoli
  • Francesca Shipsey
  • Peter Epstein
  • Samantha MacIvor
  • Josh Rosario
  • Christine Paz-Steteser


  1. In most parts of the US, the episode was actually available in prime time on Thursday, but the Apple TV app nevertheless maintained that it debuted on Friday. So the actual date of first stream was February 17, 2022.