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Tobe is a young man who works with Sean Turner as his commis chef. He is portrayed by guest star Tony Revolori in Episode 3 of Servant. His last name is unknown.

General info

Tobe is a young man employed by Sean Turner as his commis chef. Sean teaches Tobe in exchange for assisting him in his culinary work. Tobe works alongside Sean at his home, where he first meets Leanne Grayson. Leanne faints after seeing Sean kill and skin an eel. Tobe carries her upstairs to recover.

Sean takes Dorothy out to dinner, but pays Tobe extra to hang around the house longer and keep an eye on Leanne. He cooks a meal for the two of them, but the arrival of Julian Pearce cuts short anything that might have developed between them.


Tobe attends breakfast with Dorothy and Leanne, much to the surprise of the latter and for Sean. During the conversation, Tobe notes the absence of Jericho which is swiftly explained by Dorothy as him being with his grandpa.

Later, Tobe brings the ingredients Leanne asked for to bake a cake. He accepts Leanne’s offer of helping with the cake and the two set to work getting the ingredients ready. The cake they are making is a King cake and Leanne explains how it affected her childhood. Tobe is curious about this and inquires more, also noting the scratches on Leanne’s arm which Leanne swiftly wants to move on from. Tobe gets to put the small plastic baby in the King cake.

When Julian enters the kitchen again, Leanne says that Tobe has left, locking the door from the outside. In fact, he is hiding in Leanne’s room and when she enters they sit on the bed together. Julian eventually comes back in, ordering Tobe to leave.


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  • Dorothy believes that Sean is getting the better out of the deal with Tobe. Tobe washes pans and peels vegetables and thinks he's getting an education but doesn't do any real cooking.
  • His last name has not been known.
  • He has a crush on Leanne.